Angelina Macarons - My selections of Macarons

Angelina Macarons – Capitol Galleria

I have previously posted a blog on Angelina Singapore Cafe but since I am on a macaron pilgrim, I popped over to its Boutique to get the remaining flavours that I have not yet tried.


Angelina Macarons - Box of 8 macarons


At Angelina, Macarons come in box of 4s, 8s or 20s. I got hold of a box of 8 macarons. They offered a total of 10 flavours. Pistachio and Raspberry were out of stock on my visit. Lucky, these were the flavours I tried previously.


Angelina Macarons Shell Taste and Texture 

The shell of Angelina Macarons look pretty rough though the rest of the perfect macaron element exist. Unfortunately, one of the macaron, was with a huge pocket of air on the top. As a result, the crisp was chip off.

The macaron was richly coloured with soft interior. It was lacking of the chewy interior.


Cassis (Blackcurrant) Macaron

It was a fruity Blackcurrant fragrance in the macaron. But as always, such flavour remains me of cough syrup. Fortunately, it does not taste like one.


Angelina Macarons - Cassis (Blackcurrant) Macaron


Frambosis (Raspberry) Macaron

Raspberry, likewise was fruity and was more sourish.


Citron (Lemon) Macaron

The most sour among the fruity flavour was the Lemon. Tangy, zesty and lemony.


Angelina Macarons - Citron (Lemon) Macaron


Chocolat Passion (Chocolate Passion fruit) Macaron

This was the second time I tried the Chocolate Passionfruit. The flavour wasn’t too consistent. First was more chocolate while the second attempt was more of Passionfruit. I prefer the latter though.


Angelina Macarons - Chocolat Passion (Chocolate Passion fruit)


Mont Blanc (Chestnut)

The chestnut was far too faint. I would prefer to give it a miss totally.


Angelina Macarons - Mont Blanc (Chestnut)


Pistache (Pistachio) Macaron

Pistachio impressed me most. I wouldn’t mind having a box of 8 of only Pistachio macarons.


Angelina Macarons - Pistache (Pistachio)


Vanille (Vanilla) Macaron

Vanilla was too subtle hence it seems like it was a sugar loaded macaron instead.


Angelina Macarons - Vanille (Vanilla)


Caramel (Caramel) Macaron

If you wouldn’t mind the typical caramel taste, this isn’t a bad choice.


Angelina Macarons - Caramel (Caramel)


Café (Coffee) Macaron

Bitterness of the coffee was a little too strong for a macaron. Other than this flaw, it was all right.


Angelina Macarons - Café (Coffee)


Chocolat (Chocolate) Macaron

Nothing surprising, an usual chocolate tasting macaron of dark chocolate.


Angelina Macarons - Chocolat (Chocolate) Macaron




NAHMJ’s picks are the Pistachio and Chocolate Passionfruit macarons.



Angelina Macarons

Block 15 Stamford Road, Capitol Galleria, #01-82, Singapore 048616
Tel: +65 6384 0481



Opening Hours


Daily 1100 to 2100


Getting There



  • North-South line and East-West line – City Hall


By Bus:

  • alight at St Andrew Cathedral along North Bridge Road   61, 124, 145, 166,  174, 174e
  • alight opposite Peninsula Plaza along North Bridge Road   32, 51, 63, 80, 195, 851, 961
  • alight at Capitol Building along Stamford Road   7, 14, 14e, 16, 36, 77, 106, 111, 128, 131, 162, 162M, 167, 171, 175, 700, 700A, 857


Rating: 6.5/10