Woon Woon Pek BeeHoon @ Chomp Chomp Food Centre - Lala Lobster White Mee Hoon

Woon Woon Pek BeeHoon @ Chomp Chomp Food Centre – Serangoon Gardens, Singapore

Woon Woon Pek BeeHoon @ Chomp Chomp Food Centre is their third outlet. The other two are at Whampoa Market and the Changi Village which was their first. I visited their first when they first started out. This revisit surprised me as they were even better.   Located at Stall 10 of Chomp Chomp Food […]

Hannas Seafood BBQ At Pasir Panjang Food Centre – Pasir Panjang, Singapore

Seafood BBQ is one of the highly favourite type of food enjoyed by Singaporean and usually we love it for dinner. One of such Food centre that offered this highly prized cuisines is Pasir Panjgan Food Centre. We visited it during the day hence most are not opened yet, one of which was available for […]

Crab Corner An Outstanding Seafood Restaurant In The West - Facade

Crab Corner An Outstanding Seafood Restaurant In The Far Far West, FairPrice Hub – Joo Koon, Singapore

When I saw the address of Crab Corner 蟹天王, my inertia turned high. In case you still have not noticed their address from the title of my post, it is in the West, Joo Koon and to be exact FairPrice Hub. After consulting Google Map, the consolation was, it is next to Joo Koon MRT […]

Festival of Crab At Ah Hoi's Kitchen, Offering 10 Different Styles - A view of the restaurant

Festival of Crab At Ah Hoi’s Kitchen, Offering 10 Different Styles – Tanglin, Singapore

Ah Hoi’s Kitchen has been around at the same spot for many years. I have visited them many years ago. I am glad that I was back for the Festival of Crab At Ah Hoi’s Kitchen. Diners are spoiled for choice as the chefs at Ah Hoi’s lead by Head Chef, Tiger, whipped up a […]

Just Steam 纯蒸 At North Bridge Road – Kampong Glam, Singapore (Closed)

Just Steam 纯蒸 is a Chinese restaurant offering mainly seafood for steaming. Most of us are fan of hotpot, now the Chinese restaurants are offering another method to enjoy fresh food in its natural goodness and self-cooking at the table.    When I arrived at the outlet, the PRC Chinese Restaurant vibes emitted right at […]

Mellben Signature Opened Through Chinese New Year 2017 – Tanjong Pagar

When it comes to Chinese New Year, especially the first few days, lots of restaurants and cafes in Singapore closed for this festive period. But fret not, we have Mellben Signature Opened Through Chinese New Year 2017.   Locating at Tanjong Pagar Block 7, somewhat hidden from the road, one could have a cosy gathering with […]

Lobster Buffet In Singapore 2016

It used to be the Crab Buffet that we are going after but hotelier has up the level to include Lobster to the fest. We are seeing lots of interest in the Lobster Buffet from diners henceforth NAHMJ came up with the post, Lobster Buffet In Singapore 2016. Who else will jump on the Lobster Buffet […]

Red House Seafood Restaurant At Quayside, Roberston Quay, Singapore - Interior

Red House Seafood Restaurant At Quayside – Roberston Quay, Singapore

After our April gathering at Asia Grand Restaurant with the SHS ex-colleagues, once again we have another one in June. This round we chose Red House Seafood Restaurant at Quayside as this outlet has round table big enough to fit 15 pax. The other restaurant with such big table are First Culinary and Dragon Phoenix.   Most Singaporean would […]

Uncle Leong Signatures At Waterway Point, Punggol, Singapore - Interior

Uncle Leong Signatures At Waterway Point – Punggol, Singapore

Uncle Leong Signatures at Waterway Point is the latest addition as at May 2016 to the Uncle Leong Seafood restaurants chain. This is the first of their restaurants to be in a shopping mall of a dense neighbourhood. Uncle Leong Signatures captures the essence of all three outlets, serving the very best of the best from their […]

Louisiana Seafood Bomb - Rachael And the Louisiana Seafood Bomb Menu

Louisiana Seafood Bomb By Manhattan Fish Market

I am sure Manhattan Fish Market needs little or even no introduction since it has been around in Singapore for quite some years. Manhattan Fish Market introduces the Louisiana Seafood Bomb From Manhattan Fish Market which is available only for a limited period of time, from 1 March 2016 to 31 May 2016. The Louisiana Seafood […]