Antoinette Macarons – Outstanding

Macarons are such pretty, dainty and instagram worthy sweets. Though I am not a big fan of macarons, somehow at times I do crave for them. On one of the day of my craving, I went to get hold of some Antoinette Macarons. Antoinette, a French patisserie, has 2 outlets; one at Mandarian Gallery and the other at Penhas Road. I popped over to the Penhas Road one instead.

I have tried several cakes from Antoinette, there are many likes, some neutral and some dislikes. Overall, more hits than misses. The dislikes and neutral are mainly due to preferences.


Antoinette - Macarons


Top left, anticlockwise: Sesame, Pistachio, Violet, Rose, Antoinette and Passionfruit

The macarons are in boxes of 6s and 12s. I got myself a box of 6s. On the display, there were a dozen of flavours and I chose half of them for the trial test.


Antoinette Macarons Biscuit

The bakes of the Macarons biscuit were almost perfect with smooth rounded texture surface, intact clean unruffled feets with tiny air pockets. Two identical shell with good proportion of jam sandwiched in between.

Fluffy macarons biscuit melt in the mouth with slightly chewy centre, just the way a perfect macarons texture is like.


Sesame Macaron

Sesame flavour erupted in the mouth, the moment my teeth sink into it. But it didn’t captivate my heart.


Pistachio Macaron

Comparatively, the Pistachio macaron was the least outstanding amount the 6 flavours I tried. The Pistachio flavour didn’t come as natural.


Violet Macaron

Violet was a subtle flavour, lightly flavoured and lightly sweet. Good for people, like my aunt who has a light palate.


Rose Macaron

I was pretty amazed with Anoinette Rose Macaron. I have tried a handful, none impressed. But Anoinette has done really well for their Rose flavour one.


Anoinette Macarons - Rose Macaron


The flavour lightly sweet Rose fragrance popped in the mouth. I truly enjoyed this.


Anoinette Macarons

Anoinette Macarons are sandwiched with earl grey tea and chocolate ganche. The balance between the earl grey tea and chocolate seems a little


Passion Macaron

When macaron landed on the tongue, almost instantly, the passionfruit flavour exploded. And I went Wow! The aroma filled the entire palate. One is not enough.


NAHMJ Favourite

Passion and Rose are the two flavours to die for. The flavours were outstanding, it burst fully on the palate. I crave for more after each bite.



Antoinette Macarons

30 Penhas Road Singapore 208188
Tel: +65 6293 3121


1 week in advance reservation highly recommended for dining in


Opening Hours


Monday – Thursday 1100 to 2200 (Last order 2130); Friday and eve of Public Holiday 1100 to 2300 (Last order 2230); Saturday 1000 to 2300 (Last order 2230); Sunday and Public Holiday 1000 to 2200 (Last order 2130)


Getting There



  • East West line – Lavender station


By Bus:

  • alight opposite Pek Chuan Building along Lavender Street 13, 67, 133, 145
  • alight at Hock Send Building along Lavender Street 13, 61, 67, 107, 133, 145, 175, 961
  • alight at Lavender station along Kallang Road – 2, 12, 32, 33, 51, 61, 80, 107,  107M, 133, 145, 175, 197
  • alight at Lavender station, next to ICA – 2, 12, 33, 107, 107M, 133


Rating: 8.5/10