Tap Craft Beer Pairing At Capitol Galleria, City Hall, Singapore - Tap Craft Beer Pairing with Bread

Tap Craft Beer Pairing At Capitol Galleria – City Hall, Singapore

Tap Craft Beer Bar has started a very fun initiatives; Tap Craft Beer Pairing with some food by selecting a vendor to partner with them each month. For every month, they will come up with a theme food for the Tap craft beer pairing. A pity the event at each month lasted only for a day. […]

Angelina Macarons - My selections of Macarons

Angelina Macarons – Capitol Galleria

I have previously posted a blog on Angelina Singapore Cafe but since I am on a macaron pilgrim, I popped over to its Boutique to get the remaining flavours that I have not yet tried.     At Angelina, Macarons come in box of 4s, 8s or 20s. I got hold of a box of […]

Equilibrium - Front

Equilibrium, By Supply & Demand – Capitol Galleria, City Hall Singapore

There is never lack of choice at The Capitol Piazza. Along with Dazzling Cafe, Angelina, 1933, Kaiserhaus, folks from the Supply & Demand has set up a restaurant under the brand name, Equilibrium at Capitol Galleria. These names reminded me of the subject, Economics, somehow.     When I entered the restaurant, I like the dexterously […]

Angelina Singapore, Tea Room & Patisserie - Front

Angelina Singapore, Tea Room & Patisserie – Capitol Galleria

Angelina has landed its first Tea Room cum Boutique at the Capitol Galleria, offering both dine-in and takeaway option. I was pretty excited as I enjoyed pastries. With this prestige brand offering much lovely delectable pastries, it is a welcome addition to the Singapore Patisserie scene. The space at Capitol Galleria is decked with the […]