Table At 7 Promotional Menu Using Sustainable Seafood From Kesemmura Shishiori - Facade

Table At 7 Offering Kesennuma Shishiori Special Menu, Sustainable Seafood – Robertson Quay, Singapore

Table At 7 located a few units away Ippin Cafe is collaborating with them to offer a Kesennuma Shishiori Special Menu. Using only Sustainable Seafood in all the items on the menu to create some European dishes with Japanese ingredients. I love such food theme as I always feel that it is worth exploring food with such a twist. […]

Sufood Singapore Revamp Menu 2016 – Raffles City, Singapore

Sufood Singapore Revamp Menu 2016 was introduced shortly after their new menu was introduced at around June 2016.   Clean eating is getting commonly accepted and practise in Singapore. It is especially popular among the office executive. I am one who detox my system by having vegetarian, in particular salad once or twice a week. […]

Sufood Singapore New Menu 2016 – Raffles City, Singapore

Sufood Singapore New Menu 2016 introduces a number of dishes at its Salad, Soup, Mains and Dessert categories. There are quite a number of interesting new dishes while they also retained various classics items.   NAHMJ have been to Sufood Singapore at their Raffles City outlet for their Mother’s Day Promotion and of course it was with Mom. […]

Full Of Luck Club By Li Bai, Holland Village, Singapore - A Glimpse of Lunch at Full Of Luck Club

Full Of Luck Club By Li Bai – Holland Village, Singapore

When I got news of Full of Luck Club by Li Bai has opened at Holland Village I was pretty excited but with the same token, I was surprised by the move. Why Would Li Bai of Sheraton keen to open up a restaurant outside the space of the hotel? I find this strategy interesting.   […]

Xiao Ya Tou At Duxton Hill, Tanjong Pagar, Singapore - Interior of Xiao Ya Tou

Xiao Ya Tou At Duxton Hill – Tanjong Pagar, Singapore

Xiao Ya Tou, its name sounded strange and likewise for the interior theme too. The name Xiao Ya Tou is from the chinese words, which literally means small lass. This is an olden form and not in a very nice way to address a young girl. Usually, it has a meaning of naughty in it too. […]

Sufood Singapore Celebrates Mother’s Day 2016 – Raffles City

Sufood Singapore Celebrates Mother’s Day 2016 with a special promotion. For a minimum of 2 set menu ordered, you could prepare a lovely gift for your Mom. Most of us might have heard Sufood, though we may either have not patronised or don’t really know about it. It is the number 1 Vegetarian Chain from […]

The Refinery - Al Fresco Seats

The Refinery Singapore – King George Ave, Jalan Besar, Singapore

The Refinery Singapore is along the same stretch of building with AEIOU Cafe, each occupying one end. Both has a theme matching to its surrounding. Using Petroleum Drums as its main decorating features.   At The Refinery Singapore, three menu were offerred; Dinner for Monday to Saturday, Lunch for Weekdays and Brunch for weekends. Both […]

Kite Restaurant - Interior, along the bar seats

Kite Restaurant – Craig Road, Tanjong Pagar, Singapore

Entering into Craig Road from Tanjong Pagar Road, shortly one will spot a shophouse with its wall painted in brick red on left-hand side. Behind these walls is where Kite Restaurant is located, right at this corner. Alongside with two other awesome cafes are The Plain and Selfish Gene; and also InItaly and Xi Yan. It took over […]

KINS Restaurant - Interior view

KINS Restaurant – Jalan Klapa, Kampong Glam, Singapore

KINS Restaurant has taken over the space previously occupied by Don Antonio Italian Pizza Bar, an Italian restaurant which I adore. It was a pity that its existence was extremely short.     The restaurant has the exact furniture with not much of a change to its interior, except for the logo, of course.   KINS […]

CreatureS Cafe - Second Level

CreatureS Cafe – Desker Road, Little India, Singapore

When we entered the tastefully decorated cafe located at Desker Road, we were welcomed by the owner, Dennis. And we were informed that it was fully booked. Upon hearing that, my heart sank. Lucky, Dennis accommodated us by finding us a table comfortably for 2. If you plan to visit them on the weekend, Dennis highly […]