Joo Bar at Tan Quee Lan Street in Bugis, Singapore - Third Floor dinning area

Joo Bar at Tan Quee Lan Street – Bugis, Singapore

Anything Korean seems to be the in-thing. Hence Joo Bar is such a popular choice. Even on a Monday night it was crowded with good number of diners. Bear in mind that Joo Bar is located in a highly dense restaurants, with so many good eat around, diners are still opting to visit Joo Bar. There […]

Sugar Lips At Orchard Gateway, Singapore - Dessert time at Sugar Lips

Sugar Lips At Orchard Gateway – Orchard, Singapore

For all the sweet tooths out there, good news, one more dessert cafe added to the cafe scene in Singapore. Now we have Sugar Lips at Orchard Gateway. Located above Somerset MRT station proved easy access to all.   As we approach Sugar Lips, we saw a striking facade with an unusual grey background and […]

Munchies Bistro @ Gandaria City, Jakarta, Indonesia - Bar Counter View

Munchies Bistro At Gandaria City – Jakarta, Indonesia

Munchies Bistro is one of the restaurant at Gandaria City that serve American dishes with alcohol selection. If you like to chill out with a drink and the live band, this is the turned to place.     The bistro is divided into smoking area for the inner half and non-smoking at the first half […]

Texas Chicken's 500th International Restaurant At Resort World Sentosa Singapore - Opening of Texas Chicken's 500th International Restaurant At Resort World Sentosa Singapore

Texas Chicken’s 500th International Restaurant At Resort World Sentosa Singapore

The 12th Texas Chicken’s Restaurant in Resort Singapore hits a major milestone as Texas Chicken’s 500th international restaurant. The Texas Chicken’s 500th International Restaurant is located at Resort World Sentosa. Global President & CEO of Texas Chicken/Church’s Chicken®, Jim Hyatt graced the restaurant opening ceremony.     Jim Hyatt said, “Resorts World Sentosa is the prime location for our 500th […]

Coyote Mexican At Phoenix Park, Tanglin, Singapore - Side Facade

Coyote Mexican At Phoenix Park – Tanglin, Singapore

It seems like in 2016 there is a Tex-Mex trend going on strongly. The folks behind Spruce has transformed Spruce @ Phoenix Park to Coyote Mexican offering quality Tex-Mex food to foodies in Singapore.   Previously, I have been to Spruce, though it was quite some time ago, I vaguely remember the design. It seems […]

Wayang Museum At Kota Tua, Jakarta, Indonesia - Facade of Wayang Museum

Wayang Museum At Kota Tua – Jakarta, Indonesia

Wayang Museum has a compilation of wayang from various territories in Indonesia and worldwide such as India, Europe, China, Vietnam and many more. The museum was housed at a former church built by VOC in 1640 with the name of “de oude Hollandsche Kerk”.   Furthermore, on every second, third and fourth Sunday each month, from 10 am […]

O'Coffee Club's Waffle Stacker Buddy Challenge - O'Coffee Club's Waffle Stacker Buddy Challenge

O’Coffee Club’s Waffle Stacker Buddy Challenge

First ever O’Coffee Club’s Waffle Stacker Buddy Challenge is here. Qualifying rounds is from 26 September and the grand finale is on 30 October 2016. Only participants aged 18 years and above may take part in this contest.   To qualify, pair up with a buddy and grub down the Waffle Stacker ($19.90) in 6 minutes or less and this waffle […]

Beehive Cafe & Eatery At Bandung, Indonesia - Beehive Cafe & Eatery

Beehive Cafe & Eatery – Bandung, Indonesia

If you are into cafe hopping and are at Bandung, one of the cafe you must visit is Beehive Cafe & Eatery. This cafe is also home to a lovely boutique hotel which I didn’t know about it earlier. Otherwise, I would book this for my Bandung trip. And along the stretch, there are 2 […]

Butterknife Folk With Gelato, Cakes & Coffee At River Valley, Singapore - Facade

Butterknife Folk With Gelato, Cakes & Coffee – River Valley, Singapore

Finally, after a long wait, there is a gelato cum cake shop, Butterknife Folk, at a shophouse along River Valley Road. I was extremely glad. With the same token, I was disappointed since it doesn’t open till late and on Sundays. However, I am still hoping that they will do that soon, so that I can drop by […]

Praoe Seafood Restaurant – Bandung, Indonesia

As we were craving for seafood at Bandung as such I crawled the web to find a seafood restaurant. To my surprise, despite Bandung is not close to the sea, there are quite some seafood restaurants. Praoe Seafood Restaurant is one of the restaurant in Bandung. And it has pretty good reviews. Since it is close to […]