Candour Coffee At Beach Road - Coffee Counter

Candour Coffee Sharing Space With Manicurious – Beach Road, Singapore

Candour Coffee now share the front half of the space with Manicurious, while Manicurious occupies the back half. In case you are visiting Manicurious after a very long while, assure that they are around. Enter via Candour and when you are at the yellow gate, reached out for the button on your left to open that gate […]

Si Chuan Flavour Crab Stall 川味坊香辣蟹 at People's Park Food Centre, Singapore - Stall Front

Si Chuan Flavour Crab At People’s Park – Chinatown, Singapore

Si Chuan Flavour Crab Stall 川味坊香辣蟹老店 at People’s Park Food Centre, like many other PRC Chinese stall, doesn’t have a English name on its signage. This is one of the many stall in the same vicinity that whipped the popular Si Chuan Cuisine. It is very easy to locate the stall since it is right next to […]

Liberica Coffee At South Quarter - Overview of Counter and seat

Liberica Coffee At South Quarter – Jakarta, Indonesia

Liberica Coffee At South Quarter is one of the 5 cafe at South Quarter. Others include Mokka, Delico, Tous Les Jours and Starbucks. Liberica Coffee is a chain cafe that started in 2011. It quickly spreads its wing and now can be seen throughout Jakarta including major shopping malls.   The name was taken from a rare […]

Ministry Of Durian, Paya Lebar, Singapore - Overview of interior

Ministry Of Durian – Paya Lebar, Singapore

By now, Durian lovers must have heard of Ah Seng, 717, Combat Durian. These are some of the popular Durian sellers in Singapore. Recently, we have Ministry Of Durian as one of the latest addition to the durian scene.   According to Ministry of Durian FB page, it states that they believe in sourcing the best durian […]

Kyochon Chicken @ South Quarter, Jakarta, Indonesia - Overview of Kyochon Chicken @ South Quarter

Kyochon Chicken @ South Quarter – Jakarta, Indonesia

I was relunctant to try the Kyochon Chicken @ South Quarter as I thought to myself that it is going to be another Korean Fried Chicken. Hence nothing great or special. But we turned to Kyochon Chicken due to the limited selection since we tried almost all the available restaurants at South Quarter.   The space […]

Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant - Store front

Hon-Maguro Week With Exquisite Freshness At Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant – Singapore

Japanese food culture emphasizes freshness, vibrant color and immaculate sculpture-like presentation. Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant takes all of the above to a higher level. And now they introduces the Hon-Maguro Week with Tuna cutting event. The tuna cutting event will be on either the 2nd or 3rd Tuesday of the month as the these date coincide with their delivery […]

Martabak Boss @ Gandaria, Jakarta, Indonesia - Counter Overview

Martabak Boss @ Gandaria – Jakarta, Indonesia

Martabak is one of a popular street food in Indonesia which I think it fits to be listed in Must Eat Jakarta list. As such I googled for the best Martabak in Jakart and found Martabak Boss to be one of them. As such I went looking for the nearest outlet on google map but Martabak […]

Paper Crane Cafe At Waterloo Street, Bras Basah, Singapore - Interior

Paper Crane At SWCO – Bras Basah, Singapore

Paper Crane doesn’t have any attractive looking decoration nor would one associate it with as hipster. Instead Paper Crane is a plain jane that offers everything practical and modest. To make its suitation worse, Paper Crane is hidden within the shelter of Singapore Women Council Organisations (SWCO). Hence most might not even be aware of its […]

Alchemist Takeaway Coffee At International Plaza, Tanjong Pagar, Singapore - Facade

Alchemist One Notch Above Coffee At International Plaza – Tanjong Pagar, Singapore

The first time when we wer looking for Alchemist at International Plaza, I passed by the unit without realizing. We didn’t have the unit number on hand as such we gave up the search. We were glad that we decided to go back after we found the unit number.   When we arrived at Alchemist, […]

Fuel By Coffee Bandits - Overview of interior with counter

Fuel Coffee By Coffee Bandits At Henderson – Singapore

Fuel Coffee By Coffee Bandits is a cafe at Henderson Road. Don’t confuse with Fuel Plus. They are not related. If you ever spotted the Coffee Bandits yellow food truck, you will have a better idea who Fuel Coffee is. This prominent yellow food truck travels to different part of the island to provide coffee and […]