Patissez Singapore Refreshed Menu At Raffles V, With Asian Inspired Elements As Highlight And Healthier Choices Too - Our Dinner

Patissez Singapore Refreshed Menu At Raffles V, With Asian Inspired Elements As Highlight And Healthier Choices Too – Holland Village, Singapore

Most would know that Patissez is the originator of Freak Shake or some would love to term it as Over The Top (OTT) Milkshake where it was the trend in 2015 and continued into 2016. My first visit to Patissez Singapore was when they were newly opened in 2016, the purpose was for the Freak Shake. […]

Tai Cheong Bakery Cha Chaang Teng At Holland Village - Facade

Tai Cheong Bakery Cha Chaang Teng At Holland Village – Holland Village, Singapore

Tai Cheong Bakery from Hong Kong first venture in Singapore was a counter at the Food Hall of Takashimaya located at Basement 2. After seeing Singaporean’s love for their egg tart, a second establishment, the Tai Cheong Bakery Cha Chaang Teng was opened at Hollang Village. This is a joint venture between the Food People Ptd […]

Otto’s Deli Fresh At Raffles Holland V – Holland Village, Singapore

With an addition of Raffles Holland V shopping mall in Holland Village, there are more eating options to the excessive supply of F&B establishment in the premise. In the same building, previously, we visited Patissez Singapore. And now, Otto’s Deli Fresh.   Conceptulized by award wining Chef Otto Weibel and helmed by Chef Rick Chow.   […]

Patissez Singapore At Holland Village - Interior, Counter

Patissez Singapore At Holland Avenue – Holland Village, Singapore

Most Singaporeans must have heard of the famous freakshake by Patissez originated from Canberra, Australia. These freakshake attracted cafehoppers in Australia to queue for hours. At times, as long as 4 hours wait. Singapore is in luck to welcome Patissez Singapore. The first cafe is set up in Holland Village.   We have not been […]

Full Of Luck Club By Li Bai, Holland Village, Singapore - A Glimpse of Lunch at Full Of Luck Club

Full Of Luck Club By Li Bai – Holland Village, Singapore

When I got news of Full of Luck Club by Li Bai has opened at Holland Village I was pretty excited but with the same token, I was surprised by the move. Why Would Li Bai of Sheraton keen to open up a restaurant outside the space of the hotel? I find this strategy interesting.   […]

Queen's Cats Revamped Menu, Holland Village, Singapore - Dinning Area

Queen’s Cats Revamped Menu – Holland Village, Singapore

Into its several month of operation, there came Queen’s Cats Revamped Menu. I felt enthralled to find out what the revamped menu looks like; if there is improvement to the food and so on.   Again, I went to explore the Queen’s Cats Revamped Menu with my Mom since we went together the first time. We […]

D’ Good Cafe 2016 CNY Special And Revamped Menu – Holland Village

I have previously been to D’ Good Cafe and done a post on the cafe. While this round, I was invited to the food tasting for its up and coming 2016 CNY Special. If you are planning to hop over on CNY, check out the opening hours here.   The ambience of D’ Good Cafe, […]

The Queen's Cats Cafe - Al Fresco Seats

The Queen’s Cats Cafe – Holland Village, Singapore

I walked passed The Queen’s Cats Cafe, while they were still in their first week of soft launch, it was the lovely, sweet white based design of the facade that caught my attention. The 2 chairs and table that were placed on the right reminded me of the cafe in Europe; the directions of the […]

Crazy Over The Top Milkshakes In Singapore – Where To Find

These crazy, gorgeous-looking over the top milkshakes in Singapore are growing. There are many names and description given to it. Such as Freakshakes, Over The Top Milkshakes, Crazy Shakes and I don’t know what else could it be described. Each cafe offering this tall dessert is giving an unique name to these photogenic worthy milkshakes. Would […]

Family Dinner At Casa Verde @ Singapore Botanic Gardens

We decided to have dinner together on the day of Cookies’ staycation. My sister suggested to have dinner at Casa Verde at the Singapore Botanic Gardens since they allowed pets. Moreover, she has visited a few times previously and find the food to be good. Since Casa Verde is by Les Amis Group, I am confident […]