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NAHMJ Food, Travel & Lifestyle Blog is created by Michelle Nah who loves travel and food. At the start, it was solely to capture her lovely memories by documenting her travel and food journey. Subsequently, she decided to share with friends as they have been asking for her itinerary and recommendations. Finally, she thought why not share her loves with all. And now, she is ready to invites her friends to appear as guest bloggers to blog on NAHMJ Food, Travel & Lifestyle Blog about their finds, if they are not shy about it.


NAHMJ - Food, Travel & Lifestyle Blog


NAHMJ Food, Travel & Lifestyle Blog was started from After much contemplatation and with much support from NAHMJ’s beloved readers, it was finally moved to this self-hosted site

The objective of NAHMJ Food, Travel & Lifestyle blog is created to share her finds and tidings in travel and food; especially the good we will go after; to share her likes, dislikes and her experiences. It is a journal of her journey for food, travel and the musings.

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NAHMJ Food, Travel & Lifestyle Blog





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