Ippin Cafe x Kesennuma Shishori, Creating Dishes Using Sustainable Seafood - Kesennuma Shishori Products

Ippin Cafe x Kesennuma Shishiori, Enjoy Sustainable Seafood And Win Tickets To Japan – Robertson Quay

From 3 April, Ippin Cafe is bringging a slice of Kesennuma Shishiori to this sunny shore. In this Ippin Cafe x Kesennuma Shishiori menu, expect dishes using only sustainable seafood.   Located 2 hour car ride from Tokyo, Kesennuma Shishiori is one of the world’s three largest fishing grounds. Due to its geographical location where the […]

Jimoto-Ya At China Square Central Offering Hokkaido Ebi-Tonkatsu Ramen by Michelin-Starred Chef Nobumasa – Telok Ayer, Singapore

After Michelin-star was awarded to Singapore restaurants, restaurants from overseas with this title started swarming Singapore too. Likewise for Jimoto-Ya the latest addition to China Square Central has invited Michelin-starred Chef Nobumasa from Mieda, Hokkaido to whip up a fare of Ebi-Tonkatsu Ramen here.   The restaurant is luxuriously furnished with carefully wooden-craved craft. As such, […]

Ippin Cafe Bar With Taste Japan Menu, A Home Concept Japanese Café Bar – Robertson Quay, Singapore

NAHMJ have previously reviewed Ippin Cafe Bar New Menu while this was my first time there trying out Ippin Cafe Bar With Taste Japan Menu, hence I researched on Ippin Cafe Bar, as such I knew it was unique since it prides itself as Singapore’s first home concept Japanese café bar.   I was truly astounded when I […]

Sushi Mentai At Junction Nine In Yishun, Singapore - Interior

Sushi Mentai At Junction Nine – Yishun, Singapore

Residents in Yishun are a lucky bunch since most will know about this treasure we recently uncovered a hidden gem within Junction Nine. I believe not many know about this unassuming shopping mall if you are not staying in this area. The mall is about 10 minutes of walk from the bus terminal. What we discovered […]

Japanese Restaurant Week 2017 Dine And Win Trip To Japan – Singapore

Japanese Restaurant Week 2017 is back. It starts from 6 March and ends on 26 March 2017. We are too familar with Singapore Rest aurant Week, how many of us know about the Japanese Restaurant Week? I don’t but was recently introduced to it.   Organised by Gurunavi Inc to promote Japan tourism, the Japanese […]

Kaisen Ichi Japanese Restaurant At Mapletree Business City - Pouring Dashi into the Salmon Ikura Don

Kaisen Ichi At Mapletree Business City – Labrador, Singapore

Mapletree Business City is constantly chaning ever since it first operated a number of years ago. After some re-vamped last year, more F&B outlets were added. One of them that took the plunge was Kaisen Ichi.   I was pretty excited to give them a try. Dated a friend to go for lunch since we were […]

Machida-Shoten Ramen At Japan Food Town, Orchard, Singapore - Bar Counter Seats

Machida-Shoten Ramen At Japan Food Town – Orchard, Singapore

Machida-Shoten Ramen is the ramen restaurant at Japan Food Town. At Machida-Shoten, the ramen served is known as lekei which translates directly to mean “house-type”, from the kanji “家”. As such, the noodles are cooked to diners’ preference.   The restaurant has the typical ramen house ambience. And what I like best is the bright lighting. […]

Ramen Keisuke Lobster King – Clarke Quay, Singapore

Ramen is commonly found in Singapore with mainly pork and chicken broth. For something unusual and especially for seafood lovers, they could turn to Ramen Keisuke Lobster King for Lobster broth ramen located at Clarke Quay. After having my first bowl, I kept going back after that.   As the outlet has only 62 seats […]

GYUU+ At Emporium Shokuhin In Marina Square, Singapore - Grilling in progress

GYUU+ Yakiniku Grill At Emporium Shokuhin – Marina Square, Singapore

GYUU+ Yakiniku Grill is one of the 8 dinning concepts in Emporium Shokuhin. Previously, I have been to Burosu Ramen and Takujo, Senmi and Kohi Koji. Finally, I am at GYUU+. It is a carnivore heaven. And specifically for beef lovers.   The dinning area at GYUU+ Yakiniku Grill isn’t smokey as one would imagine. In fact, […]

Bonta Bonta At Japan Food Town, Orchard, Singapore - A view of Bonta Bonta

Bonta Bonta At Japan Food Town – Orchard, Singapore

Bonta Bonta is one of the 16 restaurants at Japan Food Town. According to the website of Japan Food Town, Bonta Bonta has their own Rice Sommelier, who will select the best rice for the restaurant. Since the official rice used at Japan Food Town is Kinme mai, not sure if they still does that for […]