Fat Bird @ Serangoon Gardens, Second Outlet – Serangoon, Singapore

Fat Bird @ Serangoon Gardens is their second outlet. In Chinese, it is known as 胖胖鸡. First is at Bugis. Many may not have heard about them, and you will be in for a shocked to know that they are celebrating their seventh Anniversary. They took over a claypot restaurant.

What they have to offer is contemporary Chongqing cuisine with lots of local favourite items such as the Spicy Chicken, Mala Hot Pot.

Starting the meal with some pretty looking drinks such as the Butterfly Pea & Lime Ming Cooler ($7.80), Homemade Buah Long Long (5.90). Even the presentation for the Cocoa Cola with Lime and Sour Plum is extremely attractive.

Before the Mains, whetted our appetite with small bites such as Seasoned Baby Octopus ($4.80), Cucumber Salad ($4.80) and Edammae ($3.80). Though nothing special, tasty sides that are good for communal dinning. Add-on a Wok-Fried Fragrant Yam ($8) as finger food.

Signature Pot is the highlight with several flavours to choose from. We ordered the Spicy Fragrant Chicken ($20-S/$26-M). A moderate aromatic spice dish.

The remainder options are House Special Chicken, Mushroom Herbs Chicken and Numbing & Fiery Chicken at the same price. In addition, Chicken Stew in Pig’s Stomach ($22-M) and Bullfrog ($28-M).

Numerous sides are available to be cooked in the pot. Popular selections are Luncheon Meat ($4.80), Beancurd Skin ($3.80) and Beef Slices.

Diners can also order other cooked dishes such as the noteworthy
Spicy Chicken Cubes ($16) and Spicy Fragrant Stir-fried Clams.

In addition, skewers are also available on the menu. Some popular selections are Satay – Pork Chicken and Beef ($1.90), Chicken Mid-Wing ($1,80), Broccoli ($1.50) and Potato Slice ($1.20).


Fat Bird @ Serangoon Gardens is a popular selection in Serangoon Gardens, hence make your reservation at Quandoo to avoid disappointment.

Fat Bird @ Serangoon Gardens

4 Maju Ave, Singapore 556682
Tel: +65 6214 3498

FB: https://www.facebook.com/fatbird.sg/

Opening Hours

Mondays – Fridays 1200 to 1500, 1700 to 2300 | Saturdays to Sundays 1200 to 2300

Getting There

By Bus:

  • Serangoon Garden Circus – 73, 136, 315, 317


  • North-East line / Circle line – Serangoon station
  • Circle line – Lor Chuan station

[Tip: Take the MRT and alight at Serangoon station. Then, take bus 315 or 317 from the Serangoon Bus Interchange to Serangoon Gardens]

Rating: 7/10

*Disclaimer: This was a media invite.