Oh My Tian Cafe, OMT - Facade in the day

Oh My Tian, By The Hatter Street Cafe – Boon Keng, Singapore (Closed)

Oh My Tian (OMT), yet another cafe by an established, well known cafe. It is by team behind The Hatter Street Cafe (Click here to read more). It is conveniently located next to an Exit of Boon Keng MRT station.


Both the cafes, Oh My Tian and Hatter Street, has a number of similar characteristics. First both are along the North East line. Next, both are located in a HDB flat or rather area. And both the cafe has the whimsical mood in the air displaying through the theme of the cafe.


Oh My Tian Cafe, OMT - Interior


Oh My Tian Cafe, OMT - Interior, at a corner


When I was at the door step of Oh My Tian, the first ornament I notice was the cheena (means Chinese) lion head door knob. As I entered, I went Oh My Tian!! It wasn’t as I expected. Why from such a historical Chinese looking to a magical and fairy tale moment? You will spot the merry-go-round like fixture and many victorian steampunk painting that are in fantasy mood and feel. Stepping into a time machine through the door, it seems like it was.


Oh My Tian Cafe, OMT - Menu


Oh My Tian Cafe, OMT - Available Pastries


As Hatter Street is fame for its waffle, one could expect the waffle at Oh My Tian too. As to what else you could find?


Oh My Tian Cafe, OMT - Donut Burger, Beef ($13)


There are quite a number of Mains or rather Brunch items at the cafe. Such as the Donut Burger in either Beef or Chicken ($13). A savoury item with a hint of sweetness since it uses donut as the bun. I am sure some may not have an affinity for it. I could imagine how my mom and bro would shun away from this dish. While for me, I like it except for the crystal sugar over the donut. I always prefer icing sugar instead. And I know, my bro would certainly disagree. I am apprehensive to how the masses would agree on the dish. My guess is 50/50 based on my family preferences. I may be wrong.


There are about 8 other dishes offered at Oh My Tian, some typical breakfast food with a twist. One such plate is the ‘Tian Ah’ ($12). It comes with satay sauce on poached egg. I thought this is really interesting.


Oh My Tian Cafe, OMT - Waffle with An additional Scoop of Ice Cream ($12)


Waffle ($9) comes with a scoop of ice cream, an additional Scoop of Ice Cream ($3). And for any sauce, additional top up is required. There are 8 ice cream flavours to choose from. Some popular choices are the Gula Melaka and Strawberry Cheesecake (our pick), Milo and Cookies & Cream are 2 other popular picks.


My brother gave a nod to the taste of the waffle too. So he thought it was good as well.


Oh My Tian Cafe, OMT - Cappuccino ($4.50)


At every cafe, coffee, the espresso based is probably in existence. The Cappuccino ($4.50) I had seems like a Dark Roast, full body, very low acidity, nutty and highly spiced.


Oh My Tian Cafe, OMT - Iced Matcha Latte ($6.80)


Choices of the non-coffee drinks include the Iced Matcha Latte ($6.80) which I thought was more than decent. There was a good balance and scent of matcha was present. But I am sure, some may find it a little too light. The hot version is also available. Other includes hot tea and some other hand crafted drinks such as hot fudge, hot chocolate and flavoured soda.



NAHMJ Verdict


Waffle at Oh My Tian is certainly as good as Hatter Street. For the food, interesting since Oh My Tian does it with a twist. But whether would masses give a thumb up, I suppose, it is really down to personally preference that would influence decision. It is contestable.


Oh My Tian Cafe, OMT - Interior, merry go round


And of course the Merry-go-round spot would be in great popularity.




Oh My Tian

34 Whampoa West #01-79, Singapore 330034
Tel: +65 6612 1166



Opening Hours


Tuesday – Sunday  1200 to 2200


Getting There



  • North East line – Boon Keng station


By Bus:

  • alight at Boon Keng station along Serangoon Road or opposite Blk 28 along Bendemeer Road   13, 23, 31, 64, 65, 66, 125, 133, 857, 985


Rating: 7/10