Weekend In Hong Kong In July 2014, Part 2

Day 2 of my weekend in July 2014, started with breakfast at Macau Restaurant. I ordered the Pork Chopped Bun with a cup of Milk Tea before going to Mass.


Weekend In Hong Kong In July 2014 - Breakfast at Macau Restaurant


I attended Mass at Rosary Church, the 8.45 am for the English Mass.



As Mido Cafe was pretty near to Rosary Church. Some may say not so near, after all, it is about 10 – 15 minutes walk but that was fine for me. As I already have breakfast, I ordered something light as Morning Tea. I have the Bolo Bun, my favourite and the Milk Tea.



The intention was to go to Ngong Ping Village, so I took the MTR via Tung Chung line to Tung Chung station. When I reached the Cable Car Station. The queue was till the other end. As they have special queue for the tour groups so I felt the wait was not worthwhile so I went to the Citygate Outlets to do some shopping. But unfortunately, after trying very hard, at the end of the day, I went back empty-handed. 🙁


Weekend In Hong Kong In July 2014 - Citygate Outlets


My shopping at Citygate Outlets was around lunch time, I took a break for lunch from shopping while at Citygate. I went round and out of Citygate in search for lunch and ended up at Cafe De Coral. I ordered the BBQ plate with salted egg rice and Milk Tea for lunch.


Weekend In Hong Kong In July 2014 - Lunch At Cafe De Coral


Since the shopping at Citygate was futile, I proceed to the next destination. I have wanted to pop by Star Ferry Pier vicinity for the Clock Tower and Habourcity so that was my next destination for the day.


Weekend In Hong Kong In July 2014 - Star Ferry Harbour


I was looking for XTC Gelato, as I knew that there was an outlet there but couldn’t find it but ended up I found Tai Cheong Egg Tart Outlet and Unar. Both are excellent shop.



Then I walked a little further and took a few photos of the Clock Tower. For the history, click here.


Weekend In Hong Kong In July 2014 - Clock Tower @ Tsim Sha Tsui


Next, I proceeded to Harbourfront. I saw views that I liked so took a few snaps of the Harbour View.



At the time, I was distracted by the Snoopy display as well. They were so cute, can’t help taking lots of photos with different angle view.



On the wall, next to the huge display, there were me very pretty Chinese Characters with Snoopy in it.



l explored Harbourcity a little and then moved on as wasn’t in the mood to do more shopping after the disappointment at the Outlets so I chose to move on. As I walked passed 1881 Heritage, I captured the view.


Weekend In Hong Kong In July 2014 - 1881 Heritage


By now, I have a tired aching feet, and I was in urgent need to rest my feet, walked a little more to N1 Coffee & Co for Afternoon Tea. I ordered a Lemon Tart and a Cappuccino.


N1 Coffee & Co - My Order, Lemon Tart & Cappuccino


After some short rest and I was ready for more walking, dropped by K11 Mall saw some lovely art display.



Previously, when I was in the area, I remembered seeing a very popular Egglets shop with long queue. I decided to jump on the bandwagon and give it a try. They have the Egglets in four flavours. I noticed that most were ordering the Taro Eggs Ball but I went ahead for the Original.


Weekend In Hong Kong In July 2014 - Feng Ji Egglets, Different Flavour Egglets


Then I moved on to Mongkok and found Honey Sparkling, a shop selling Korean Ice Cream. I was keen to trying and I ordered the Green Spring.


Honey Sparkling - Green Spring


Before going back to the hotel, I need dinner. I didn’t know what to eat so by random, walked into a Beef Ball Noodle shop.

After dinner, I was too greedy, saw Sakurashima and bought back 2 egg tarts, one with the short crust and the other with flaky crust for trying. I went to get a Gong Cha to enjoy it with the egg tarts.


Weekend In Hong Kong In July 2014 - Sakurashima Bakery


LOL. That’s how a glutton at worked, I guess.

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