Must visit Hong Kong attractions

Must Visit Hong Kong Attractions That My Mom Went To

  I have been to Hong Kong a number of times, but it was my Mom’s first trip to Hong Kong. So when I was planning for the 5 days-itinerary I was scratching my head, thinking hard of what would be iconic of Hong Kong that she must see and must not miss before she leaves […]

Moomin Cafe HK - Front View

Moomin Cafe – LCX, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui

Moomin Cafe in LCX at Harbour City, Ocean Terminal is so fun.     Moomin Characters are at various corners of the cafe. That’s the highlight, for diners to take photos with them.     We too, took lots of photo. This is a photo of my Mom posing with Moomin.     We chose […]

Day 3 In Hong Kong In August 2014

My day 3 in Hong Kong in August 2014, also my last day, ended with a rather relaxing itinerary. It was very much of roaming and soaking in cafe. I didn’t start my day extremely early, check out the hotel at about 9am. As usual I left my luggage with the hotel.   Day 3 […]

Matcha Ice Cream In Hong Kong

  I was in the mood to try some Green Tea or Matcha Ice Soft Cream Ice Cream or sometimes known as Soft Serve when I was in Hong Kong. I went round for a hunt.     Matcha Ice Cream In Hong Kong   Honey Sparkling Desserts House Shop 8, 2 Kwong Wah Street, […]

Maxim Cake Disney Character Cup Dessert

Maxim Cake has this promotion of having a dessert, jelly or cake filled in a Disney Character cup. I first saw the Maxim Cake Disney Character Cup Dessert in Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck two weeks ago when I was in Hong Kong but now I couldn’t track down the Mickey and Donald but saw […]

First Day In Hong Kong In August 2014

I was back to Hong Kong in August again. Once again, my exploration time started. It was the first time that I took pictures of the food on the plane. I have the fried vermicelli with honey glazed pork. The other option for breakfast was omelette.     Soon, I arrived at Hong Kong. Very […]

Day 4 Holiday In Hong Kong In July 2014

Day 4 holiday in Hong Kong was the last day of my holiday in Hong Kong. This day is mainly a shopping day. As usual, I woke up early for breakfast at Barista Jam at Sheung Wan.     Then explore the Mid-level area, walked all the way to Dr Sun Yat-sen Museum.     […]

Weekend In Hong Kong In July 2014, Part 2

Day 2 of my weekend in July 2014, started with breakfast at Macau Restaurant. I ordered the Pork Chopped Bun with a cup of Milk Tea before going to Mass.     I attended Mass at Rosary Church, the 8.45 am for the English Mass.     As Mido Cafe was pretty near to Rosary […]

Weekend In Hong Kong In July 2014, Part 1

Since I was in Hong Kong for two weeks for work in July, so I got a full weekend and I could explore Hong Kong a little more. Exploring the food, exploring the place. This round since one of my closer colleague was in Hong Kong for the same project and she brought her daughter […]

My Last Day in Hong Kong in June 2014

On the day of departure, as my flight was in the late evening, I have some time to explore Hong Kong a little more. I woke up early in the morning, as early as 6am, have a bath, did my last packing and checked out of the hotel by 7am, leaving my luggage with the […]