Woon Woon Pek BeeHoon @ Chomp Chomp Food Centre - Lala Lobster White Mee Hoon

Woon Woon Pek BeeHoon @ Chomp Chomp Food Centre – Serangoon Gardens, Singapore

Woon Woon Pek BeeHoon @ Chomp Chomp Food Centre is their third outlet. The other two are at Whampoa Market and the Changi Village which was their first. I visited their first when they first started out. This revisit surprised me as they were even better.   Located at Stall 10 of Chomp Chomp Food […]

Hajime Tonkatsu and Ramen At MyVillage, Serving The Best Tonkatsu In Singapore - Facade

Hajime Tonkatsu and Ramen At MyVillage, Serving The Best Tonkatsu In Singapore – Serangoon Gardens, Singapore

Unassuming Hajime Tonkatsu and Ramen existed for 18 months, however, most of us have yet to discovered this hidden, unpolished gem. Located at MyVillage in the Serangoon Gardens area, whereby it is neighbour to the famous Chomp Chomp Food Centre, is rather secluded perhaps explain why it is not getting much attention. Within the same […]

Cleanse Bar At My Village Offering Healthy and Refreshing Cold Press For Detox And Meal Replacement - Cold Press Fruit Juice

Cleanse Bar At My Village Offering Healthy and Refreshing Cold Press For Detox And Meal Replacement – Serangoon Gardens, Singapore

Recently, I was introduced to Cleanse Bar, located at My Village, next to Little Wimbly Lu. What a contrast it is! For those who are wondering who or what Cleanse Bar is, she is a quaint juice bar that specialises in fresh and cold-pressed juices, smoothies, and milkshakes and offering detox and meal replacement packages. Read […]

Taiwan's Fried Chicken Master At NEX - Feast

Taiwan’s Fried Chicken Master At NEX – Serangoon, Singapore

Fried Chicken Master 炸鷄大獅 has travelled from Taiwan to Singapore and rested their feet at NEX. Within 2 months of operation, I heard raving reviews about them; even from friends who aren’t influencers are singing their praises. This seriously arouse my curiousity as the biggest question in my mind was how good can Fried Chicken […]

Kooks Creamery, Molten Lava Cookies, Serangoon, Singapore - Kooks Creamery Ice Cream Counter

Kooks Creamery, Molten Lava Cookies – Serangoon, Singapore

Kooks Creamery is at the same block with The Plain Jane. For those who have been to The Plain Jane cafe would have no challenge locating Kooks Creamery. It is especially great news for those living in the hood. Besides roll cake, now there is ice cream too. Hooray!   Since Kooks Creamery started, it has […]

Grazie - Stall 1 at Serangoon Gardens Food Centre

Grazie, Italian Cuisine – Serangoon Gardens Food Centre, Singapore (Shifted)

Grazie serves delish, authentic Italian food at the less known Serangoon Gardens Food Centre. [They are now at Boon Keng.] Most of us might not even notice this food centre much less to mention spotting this hidden gem. At the Serangoon Gardens vicinity, most might have known about Chomp Chomp. Though it is not as prominent […]

Mingle Mangle - Counter

Mingle Mangle Ice Cream Parlour – Hougang, Singapore

When I first heard about Mingle Mangle at Upper Serangoon View Road, I was curious to find out what it is. I couldn’t guess from the name. When I checked out their FB page, it seems to suggest that it is a cafe selling some light bites and ice cream. It doesn’t sound too interesting, […]

The Plain Jane Cafe - At a corner

The Plain Jane Cafe, A Cafe Of Swiss Roll – Serangoon, Singapore

After weeks of opening, The Plain Jane Cafe has been the talk of the town. Many might already have been aware that it was opened by Rich & Good Cake Shop, fame for its tiny Swiss Roll in dozen of flavours.   When I arrived at The Plain Jane Cafe at about 4 pm on a […]

SOD Cafe @ Ci Yuan CC - Facade

SOD Cafe @ Ci Yuan CC – Hougang, Singapore

SOD Cafe @ Ci Yuan CC is the latest cafe set up by SOD Cafe who is dedicated in providing finest tea to consumers. They started with bubble tea at kiosk and now into a more formal cafe business. A little fun fact about SOD Cafe. It’s SOD stands for “Supper Oxide Dismutase” which is an antioxidant […]

Two Tall Trees - At a corner

Two Tall Trees Cafe – Serangoon Gardens, Singapore

Serangoon Gardens is densely populated with famous and popular eateries. Setting up a cafe at this area, competition is certainly tough and keen. And we have Two Tall Trees Cafe suited at the ground floor of one of the shophouses that lined along Kenginston Park Road.     Interior of Two Tall Trees was minimalist and […]