Platform For Coffeebeans Order - Platform With Melbourne Coffeebeans For Order

Singaporean are getting more and more into coffee. Not only are they into appreciation but also having more expectation and more educated about this unique drink, coffee. And the good news for all coffee snob in Singapore, for a start will bring onto their platform as much as 15 coffeebean brands roasted from Melbourne all the way to Singapore.



Who Is is a web and mobile platform co-founded by 2 young Singaporean, Keyis Ng and Eugene Chen. This platform will allows Singaporean who loves making their own coffee at the comfort of their space using coffeebeans eventually from all over the world; from London to Melbourne, Singapore to Beijing.


The coffeebeans will be freshly roasted upon order and will be shipped at every Wednesday. A shipping fees of $10 for every order.


The platform is invested by Quest Ventures, China’s leading venture capitalist and incubated with Infocomm Investments, the investment subsidiary of Singapore government’s tech agency MDA.



What Coffeebeans Are Available On


For a start, will be launching a total of 14 Melbourne coffeebeans and the award winning coffee from Ona Coffee by the Champion of 2015 World Barista competition, Sasa Sestic. The platform will be retailing a wide variety of beans ranging from the signature blends that put these cafes on the specialty coffee map, to single origin beans sourced from coffee farms across the world. And for now, the online retail is only available to Singapore. Eventually, the team behind this platform will make it available to the rest of the world. Platform For Wordwide Coffeebeans Order - Sasa Sestic, Champion of 2015 World Barista Championship


The 14 Melbourne Coffeebeans are from Auction Rooms, Clement Coffee, Code Black Coffee, Dukes Coffee, Industry Beans, Market Lane, Monk Bodhi Dharma, Omar and The Marvellous Coffee Bird, Padre Coffee, Sensory Lab, Seven Seeds, St ALI, The Vertue of the Coffee Drink and Wide Open Road.



When Will Be Available?


The platform will be available to all from 1 June 2016 and solely retailing in Singapore for the beginning. Singapore coffee snobs, you are in for the treat.

One more good news, from 1 to 5 June, the shipping fees of $10 will be waived. So do remember to get on to the platform and start ordering within the promotion period.



NAHMJ Verdict


We thought the platform is very exciting. Especially for those who does make their own coffee at home using the Espresso Machine or simple pourover such as V60, French Press, Chemex or Syphon.