Homei Cafe - Interior

Homei Cafe – Tai Ping Shan, Hong Kong

Tai Ping Shan has been welcoming quite a number of cafe to the area once pretty quiet. Now it is now an in area, which must visit for cafe-hoppers for both Hong Kongers and visitors to the country. Homei Cafe is one of them located in the vicinity.


Homei Cafe - Facade


Homei isn’t large. In fact, relatively tiny with about a dozen of seats. If you prefer, you may want to take the black or maybe it is dark brown benches outside, on either side of the door.

I was attracted by the wall paintings of Homei. First and foremost, before your eyes turned to the 3 paintings of cats on the right wall as you make your entrance into the dining area, you will first be drawn to the floral grass patch wall right ahead of you. The colours used in the wall paintings were bright and colourful.


Homei Cafe - Menu


Homei Cafe menu maybe single page, yet you will find a long list of drinks. Though mainly coffee, you still find a good selection of tea as well.


Homei Cafe - One Tiny Part Of Homei Cafe


For coffee, there was the House Coffee which we ordered. Of course, you will find the standard Cappuccino, Latte and Flat White.


Homei Cafe - House Coffee


Other than Earl Grey and English Tea, there were some special tea such as Mint Tea which we ordered. Fresh mint leaves were added into the tea to improve the flavour. If you prefer, you could require for Ginger added to the Mint Tea too. Others such as Rose + Jasmine, Longan & Red Date Honey Tea.


Homei Cafe - Mint Tea


I spotted an interesting drink, Green Tea Cafe Latte, a concoction of green tea and coffee. I termed it as Fusion Yuan Yang. The taste was interesting, very much an acquired taste.


Homei Cafe - Green Tea Cafe Latte


Non coffee and tea will include fruit soda, fruit juice, soft drink and still and sparkling mineral water.


If you are lookinng for food at Homei, they offered simple Sandwiches, Pasta, Muffin, Soup and Cakes.




Homei Cafe

Shop B, G/F, 22-24A Tai Ping San Street SOHO, Sheung Wan
Tel: +852 2857 9991



Opening Hours


Monday – Tuesday, Thursday – Friday  1000 to 1900; Saturday – Sunday  1100 to 1900; Closed on Wednesdays


Getting There

By MTR: Sheung Wan station


Rating: 7/10