Delicious Kitchen - Facade

Delicious Kitchen – Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Delicious Kitchen is at the quieter corner of Causeway Bay, opposite Matchbox Cafe. I spotted this restaurant on my previous trip to Hong Kong with my Mom. At my last trip in April 2015, Delicious Kitchen wasn’t as busy as Oct 2015.


Delicious Kitchen - Interior


Tables and chairs were placed closely to each other, leaving narrow spaces for patrons to move around. Certainly, not a place for gathering and enjoying some company from friends or family. It is very finish your food fast and you scram.


Delicious Kitchen - Menu


Unlike many other Hong Kong Restaurant where you find Chinese menu. At Delicious Kitchen, they offer English on the menu too.

The variety of food range from the Guangdong and Shanghainess dishes.


Delicious Kitchen - Stir-fired Chicken Dice with Cashew Nuts


Our first dish was the Stir-fried Chicken Dice with Cashew Nut. The dish was lightly flavoured. Sauce wasn’t as strong as we expected. Mushroom were also added to the dish. It went well with rice.


Delicious Kitchen - Stir-fried long beans


Followed by Stir-fried long beans was served. Chopped preserved vegetables were added to enhance the flavour and yet it wasn’t salty but perfect. Both the beans and latter dish were a tad oily.


Delicious Kitchen - Claypot Fish Head in Bean Sauce


Lastly was the Claypot Fish Head in Bean Sauce. The best part of this dish was the gravy. It went very well with the rice. I wouldn’t mind giving up the rest of the ingredients in the claypot in exchange for more gravy as all the essence from the ingredients has already gone into this flavourful gravy.



NAHMJ Verdict


Delicious Kitchen served comfort home-cooked like dishes. The flavour wasn’t too sophisticated but flavourful. Tasty as the salty level was perfect. The only complaint we have were for the stir-fried dishes which was a little too oily.




Delicious Kitchen 美味廚

Shop B, G/F, 9-11 Cleveland Street, Fashion Walk, Causeway Bay
銅鑼灣Fashion Walk加寧街9-11號地下B舖
Tel: +852 2577 8350

Opening Hours


Daily  1100 to 2330


Getting There


By MTR: Causeway Bay (Exit E)


Rating: 7/10