Hunghom Cafe - Interior

Hunghom Cafe – Northpoint, Hong Kong

Since this round, we were staying at City Garden Hotel, at Northpoint, I search for a few breakfast option and found Hunghom Cafe 紅磡冰室 to be one of the better one as there isn’t a lot of Hong Kong Styled Cafe around Fortress Hill to start with.

Interestingly, the decoration of Hunghom Cafe wasn’t exactly the Cha Chaang Teng style but somewhat modern like a Western Restaurant. It looked new, comfort and clean to us. A good first impression for sure.


Hunghom Cafe - Menu


When we started to browse through the breakfast menu, we noted that it wasn’t much different from the other Hong Kong styled cafe. We didn’t see any English menu at the cafe.

Hunghom Cafe - Macaroni with Fried Eggs


You will find the typical Macaroni Soup – Breakfast Set A (HKD 28) which was what 2 out of 4 diners chose. And the typical instant noodle was also on the menu. The macaroni has a tasty soup based and shredded ham and mock abalone. Choice of Fried Egg or Scramble Egg with non-toasted white bread with generous amount of butter.


Hunghom Cafe - Pork Chop with Scramble Egg and Ham


I was tempted by the Pork Chop with Scramble Egg and Ham – Breakfast Set E (HKD 33). We thought it was value for money as the pork chop was relatively huge. And you get eggs and ham and toasted bread with butter too. Coming to the taste, it was delish.


Hunghom Cafe - Mushroom and Truffle Scramble Egg with Ham


Mushroom and Truffle Scramble Egg with Ham – Breakfast Set G (HKD 32) is a must have. It was so good till we wanted to order a second portion to share. Truffle scent was strong but wasn’t overwhelming.


Hunghom Cafe - Hong Kong Styled Milk Tea


All Breakfast Set comes with a cup of hot beverage. If you prefer Cold Beverages, add HKD 3. All of us chose the Hong Kong styled Milk Tea since this is a must have at Hong Kong.



NAHMJ Verdict


Hunghom Cafe is a typical Hong Kong style which is at fast paced. Order was fast, serving was fast too. As for food, order the Mushroom and Truffle Scramble Egg if you love all the 3 ingredients. Alternatively, go for the Pork Chop with Scramble Egg and Ham Breakfast Set.




Hunghom Cafe

G/F, Princess Mansion, 165-171 King’s Road, Fortress Hill, North Point
Tel: +852 3954 5867


Opening Hours


Daily  0700 to 2300


Getting There


By MTR: Fortress Hill station


Rating: 8.5/10