Una @ One Rochester - Al Fresco Dining Area

Una, Spanish Restaurant – One Rochester, Buona Vista, Singapore

Una is a Spanish Restaurant, Tapas Bar & Wine Bar with Alfresco Dining helmed by Chef Jean-Philippe Patruno in the lushly Rochester Park.


[We revisited UNA for their new menu.]


Una @ One Rochester - Interior


As a Spanish Restaurant, Tapas, Paella are the usual that we tend to associate. Lesser known is the Spanish Grilled, equally go after for which is also found on Una menu. A pity, we didn’t order any this round.





At every Spanish Restaurant, Tapas should never be missed out.


Cold meats, pan con tomate & manchego cheese

The platter of cold meats ($28) is with the selection of the best Spanish hams & cold cuts and pan con tomate and manchego cheese. This was the only cold tapas, among 4, we tried.


Una @ One Rochester - Cold meats, pan con tomate & manchego cheese


Among the 4 diners, most didn’t enjoy the sweetish sourish jam like pan con tomate, but I did. I thought it was a good break of saltiness that existed throughout the cold cuts and cheese.


Grilled octopus

Smoky tender grilled octopus ($32) on a bed of ratte potatoes with paprika, a chef’s special, was the description on the menu.


Una @ One Rochester - Grilled octopus


Indeed exactly per the description on the menu.


Potato bomba

Consisting of Fluffy potato with a meat & potato stuffing was the Potato bomba ($14)


Una @ One Rochester - Potato bomba


Though I spotted meat but I tasted mainly the potato and the sauce topped on the bomba. I could hardly savour the meat.


Ibérico ham croquetta

Creamy béchamel croquettes ($14) with Ibérico ham is another Chef’s Special we ordered.


Una @ One Rochester - Ibérico ham croquetta


It totally fitted the description.





Paella is another highlight in Spanish Restaurant. Though I never quite like rice but somehow I always enjoy Paella. Una offered 3 Paella dishes; 2 rice and 1 pasta. All are Chef’s Special.

It offers 2 sizes; small (for 2 – 3 pax) or large (for 4 – 6 pax). We ordered a rice and a pasta paella. Both small.


Black rice paella

On its menu, the annotation of the Black rice paella ($62) was “beautifully stewed in savoury squid ink broth & topped with crispy baby squid”


Una @ One Rochester - Black rice paella


All the rice was infused with squid ink and homogeneously black. It was a pity we find it far too salty.


Seafood fideuà

Seafood fideuà ($62) is a Barcelona-style paella with fideuà pasta & fresh seafood


Una @ One Rochester - Seafood fideuà


This was my first time trying out a pasta paella. The pasta was amazing flavourful. The seafood fragrance permeated into the pasta. I wouldn’t mind having only the pasta without the seafood. 4 thumbs up for the Seafood fideuà.





Desserts is my soft spot. I would love to have everything as usual. On Una menu, there are 5 items excluding Cheese. We tried 2 of them. I was a little disappointed to see that none of the dessert was the Chef’s Special.


Churros & chocolat

Churros & chocolat ($14) Crispy churros with dark chocolate sauce & light honey ice cream


Una @ One Rochester - Churros & chocolat


The churros served at Una was one of the softest, fluffiest fried dough. And when eaten together with the dark chocolate sauce, it was fabulous. The ice cream was smooth and creamy but I thought it wouldn’t make a different having it on the plate.


Panna cotta with popcorn

Our second dessert for the night was Panna cotta with popcorn ($15) is a light crème pudding with sherry apricot puree, topped with popcorn fluff


Una @ One Rochester - Panna cotta with popcorn


The sherry apricot puree brought out the best of the panna cotta.



NAHMJ Opinion and Picks


Hits and misses are inevitable. Nonetheless, all 4 diners enjoyed the dinner at Una though it was a shame that the Black rice paella was far too salty. Otherwise, it would have been a much more enjoyable dinner.

NAHMJ picks at UNA are Grilled OctopusIbérico ham croquettaSeafood fideuà and both desserts; Churros & chocolat and Panna cotta with popcorn.





Una @ One Rochester

1 Rochester Drive, Singapore 139212
Tel: +65 6773 0070 or 6773 0060




Opening Hours


Monday – Saturday  1800 to 2300


Getting There



  • Circle line or East-West line – Buona Vista station


By Bus:

  • alight at or opposite Buona Vista station or after Anglo Chinese Junior College   74, 91, 92 95, 191, 196, 198, 200


Rating: 8/10