Li Xiang Lan Hotpot 李香蓝重庆火锅 At Smith Street - Spread

Li Xiang Lan Hotpot 李香蓝重庆火锅 At Smith Street – Chinatown, Singapore

Mala Hotpot Restaurant sprouted up one after another. And we love the Mala Hotpot. My virgin attempt was at Chongqing a decade ago and I love it since then. We have tried a handful of hotpot before trying Li Xiang Lan Hotpot 李香蓝重庆火锅 on the last day of September 2018.   This Hotpot trend in […]

Ju Dian BBQ Restaurant On StarTaster - Our Seafood Bucket from Ju Dian BBQ Restaurant

Ju Dian BBQ Restaurant On StarTaster – Smith Street, Singapore

Ju Dian BBQ Restaurant On StarTaster too! Ju Dian BBQ 聚点BBQ烧烤专家 is a restaurant offering BBQ skewers in northeastern style. And the other speciality is the Seafood Buket and that’s what we are featuring in this post.   This restaurant is located centrally at Chinatown but for those who stay in the far east, west or […]

Authentic Manchurian Cuisine 满族全羊铺 - Signage

Restaurant Manchurian 满族全羊铺, Authentic Manchurian Cuisine On StarTaster – Smith Street, Chinatown.

Though Smith Street along Chinatown is well known among local, but the Chinese Restaurants as in PRC that lined along it are less heard or even notice of. Even when we strolled along the Food Street, most Singaporean, like myself would probably have ignored their existence, much less walk-in to try them. I was glad that […]

Bibing - Counter

Bibing Korean Dessert Cafe Singapore – Smith Street, Chinatown Singapore

Bibing 비빙 is the latest kid jumping onto the Singapore Bingsoo bandwagon. This Korean Dessert cafe is very strategically located, since it is in the heart of Chinatown Singapore. It occupied one of the shophouse along Smith Street. With already 2 Korean Dessert Cafe in the Chinatown vicinity, Bibing still tries their luck to test the […]