My Five Usual Breakfast Haunt at Chinatown Food Center, Singapore

During weekend, after my morning exercise with my dad, we would have breakfast. When at Chinatown Food Center, there are a few breakfast items that I will usually eat, which also means, there are some stalls that I usually patronise.     My Five Usual Breakfast Haunt at Chinatown Food Center   Chee Cheong Fun […]

The Clan - Main - Beef

The Clan Restaurant @ Bukit Pasoh, Part 2 – Outram, Singapore (Shifted)

The Clan Restaurant at Bukit Pasoh part 2, as promised. The Clan does not change is menu frequently. From the first time I visited the Clan till now, the menu is pretty much the same. They introduced one or two items and took down the one or two. I would very much prefer if they changed […]

Traditional Chinese Pastry - Tong Heng (东兴精制饼食)

Traditional Chinese Pastry and Cake Shop Charm

The traditional chinese pastry and cakes are loosing its charm with the Gen Y and also with the Millennium. With this trend going strong, soon all the traditional chinese pastry will eventually extinct. One after another Traditional Chinese Pastry and Cakes Shop has permanently closes its door. The Traditional Chinese Pastry and Cakes when compared […]

The Clan Restaurant @ Bukit Pasoh Road – Part 1 (Shifted)

I have been to The Clan Restaurant a few times. This time was for my Birthday celebration.   The Clan Restaurant has both A La Carte and Set Menu to choose from. I have always go for the Set Menu. The Clan serves both lunch and dinner. The Clan is a fine dinning restaurant that offers more […]

Restaurant Ember - Appetizer

Dinner at Restaurant Ember at Hotel 1929 @ Keong Saik Road (Closed)

The food at Restaurant Ember at Hotel 1929, located at Keong Saik Street, has always been consistent. I always enjoy the food at Restaurant Ember. Restaurant Ember offers both set menu and a la carte. I have never tried the lunch so far only dinner. The dinner is a three set course and coffee will be […]

My Family Favourite Breakfast Item at Chinatown Complex Market, Chee Cheong Fun

Chee Cheong Fun or known as rice roll is one of my favourite breakfast item. I would definitely have this when I am at the Chinatown Food Center. Usually, the stall will not be making their own but will source from a factory that make the roll. This stall I patronize, likewise, got their from a […]

Go Russian, Buyan Russian Restaurant At Duxton – Tanjong Pagar, Singapore (Closed)

There isn’t much Russian restaurant in Singapore, but you can find one at Duxton Hill, Buyan Russian Haute Cusine and Cavair Bar. My friend who is a foodie, more than me, brought me there.     When you entered Buyan, you will see a bar counter on your left. There is display of many bottles […]

Friendly Kith Cafe At Robertson Quay

Kith Cafe is a small cafe. It was shifted to a corner of the same building where it originally started. There are a few cafe that I frequent often in Robertson Quay for breakfast on weekends, after I walked the dog. Kith Cafe is one of them.   Kith Cafe has a very relaxing setting. All […]

Soya Tart (aka Bean Curd Tart), One of My Favourite

The Soya Tart, some called it Bean Curd Tart for this dessert. Many will know about the Bean Curd Tart from LE Cafe Confectionery and Pastry. It is ashamed that not many places sell this delicious soya tart, but I know of one other place that sells this delicious soya tart.   Strangely, I do […]

Everton Park, Spoilt For Choice

*Updated on 11 Mar 2015 Ever since the Pinnacle @ Duxton was up, cafe have been blooming in Tanjong Pagar, Duxton and the used to be quiet and unknown Everton Park. Now at Everton Park, there are a number of cakes & pastries, cafe and eatery places. You will be spoilt for choice. What can […]