Mui Kee Congee, Famous Hong Kong Congee Here At Shaw Centre - Entrance

Mui Kee Congee, Famous Hong Kong Congee Here At Shaw Centre – Orchard, Singapore

Mui Kee Congee has descended at Shaw Centre, following the footstep of numerous Hong Kong brand such as Honolulu, Mak’s Noodle and the latest addition is Tsui Wah, hence we get to enjoy Hong Kong food in Singapore without stepping out of the country.   Interestingly, I didn’t try Mui Kee Congee when I was […]

8 Korean BBQ At Shaw Centre In Orchard, Singapore - Facade

8 Korean BBQ At Shaw Centre – Orchard, Singapore

After the success of their first outlet at The Central, 8 Korean BBQ ventured on for its second. This round they chose a location as convenient as their first, Shaw Centre in Orchard vicinity.   Being a full-service Korean BBQ restaurant, service crews are present to grill the meat for diners at 8 Korean BBQ […]

Tarte By Cheryl Koh - Shop

Tarte By Cheryl Koh At Shaw Centre, By Les Amis

  Tarte By Cheryl Koh by Les Amis is established out of a corner of Caveau Bar at Shaw Centre. White-washed walls and marble tart, with a very sleek and modern with elegance in the air. I like it. The bakery is helmed by their Pastry Chef, Cheryl Koh. Currently, only Tarts are offered in 2 […]

Cocoa Colony - Overview

Cocoa Colony Singapore – Shaw Centre, Scotts Road

I took my Mom to Cocoa Colony At Shaw Centre along Scotts Road as she loves Chocolate drink. So I thought this place would be perfect for her. But bear in mind, I have not tried, so she is going to be the guinea pig. Hehe.     I spotted Cocoa Colony when I went […]

Xi Yan Shaw - Jelly Fish and Cucumber in Wasabi Sesame Sauce

Xi Yan Shaw – Shaw Centre Scotts Road

I was rather excited when I knew that Xi Yan Shaw (囍宴) has arrived in Singapore and set foot at Shaw. I tried the Xi Yan Sweet in Hong Kong during one of my trip last year and I like their food very much. And on New Year Day, to start my 2015 on a right note, […]

I Want My Noodle - Exterior

I Want My Noodle At Shaw Centre Along Scotts Road

  I Want My Noodle has a very cute Chinese name, 见面就笑. When it is literally translated into English, it means you smile when you see noodles.     An interior with much industrial theme which you can easily identify with the cement floor and some piping as decoration. The furniture aren’t fanciful, only some […]