Da Shi Jia Big Prawn Noodle 大食家大大大虾面 At Killiney Road – Orchard, Singapore

I have passed by Da Shi Jia Big Prawn Noodle 大食家大大大虾面 several times, the last was when I went to Crystal Cafe for dinner before I finally set foot into them. Along this stretch of road, hidden away from Orchard Road, there are a handful of other eateries such as Suanthai among others.   If my […]

Old House - Menu

Old House At Neil Road, White Lor Noodle & Dinosaur Prawns Noodle

Once a upon a time, there was an Old House and it was at Neil Road. Lol!! This Old House that I am talking about in this post is not found in any fairy tales but it is a Zi Char Restaurant. What is Zi Char? For the benefit of my overseas readers, let me explain […]