Cheeky All Day At Neil Road - Brunch

Cheeky All Day At Neil Road – Outram, Singapore

Cafe landscape in Singapore is ever changing. If you are fan of Botanist, note that it is now replaced by Cheeky All Day, a cafe by day and craft beer joint by night. The good news is that Lokal, Apiary, Epiphyte Cafe, The Populus still exist along Neil Road . The theme at unit 74 […]

Botantist Cafe At Neil Road In Outram, Singapore - Another view of outdoor dinning area

Botanist Cafe At Neil Road – Outram, Singapore (Closed)

Along Neil Road, gathered all the nature activist. First it was Apiary. Next was Epiphyte. And now, to complete the floral and fauna collection, we have the Botanist. This cafe though has an address along Neil Road but entrance is via a side alley. Looks like it is a trend to hide establishment. Some examples […]

Epiphyte Cafe At Neil Road In Tanjong Pagar, Singapore - Garden Corner

Epiphyte Cafe At Neil Road – Tanjong Pagar, Singapore

Along Neil Road, it welcomes Epiphyte, a cafe opened right after Apiary Cafe operated. In case you are wondering what’s Epiphyte means. This is a termed I learned at my Biodiversity Biology classes. Epiphyte are plants that grown on another plant in symbiosis.   Interior looks raw but cool. I like the Arts and the plants […]

Apiary Ice Cream Cafe At Neil Road In Outram, Singapore - Top View of Waffle

Apiary Ice Cream Cafe At Neil Road – Outram, Singapore

One will find an ice cream parlour easily at any corner of Singapore. More and more ice cream cafe are opening and I don’t remember any that close down in a short period of time. There is now one more Apiary Ice Cream Cafe along Neil Road.   Design at Apiary Ice Cream Cafe is with […]

Peppermint Park By Tantric Bar - Our Chillax Food

Peppermint Park By Tantric Bar – Neil Road, Outram Park, Singapore

Peppermint Park is by Tantric Bar. It is located side by side at a stretch of the pre-war shophouse along Neil Road. One provide food, the other, a drinking hole, that’s a perfect combination for patrons.   Though Peppermint Park occupies unit 76 but entrance is via Tantric Bar at unit 78 instead. As we proceed […]

The Populus Coffee & Food Co - Interior, right at the back of cafe

The Populus Coffee & Food Co Cafe – Outram Park, Singapore

The Populus Coffee & Food Co is going to be a fierce competitor to the many outstanding cafe in the area such as The Lokal cafe, at the adjacent stretch of shophouses. Right from the start, I am seeing that it has been getting many elements right; from the interior design to the menu, taste of food […]

Old House - Menu

Old House At Neil Road, White Lor Noodle & Dinosaur Prawns Noodle

Once a upon a time, there was an Old House and it was at Neil Road. Lol!! This Old House that I am talking about in this post is not found in any fairy tales but it is a Zi Char Restaurant. What is Zi Char? For the benefit of my overseas readers, let me explain […]

The Lokal - Interior of Cafe

The Lokal Cafe At Neil Road, Fantastic – Outram, Singapore

I can’t wait to share my latest awesome finding, The Lokal Cafe along Neil Road. It is by far the best cafe I have visited; great food, great ambience and very importantly excellent service. If you have read my recent posts, you would have noted that I have been receiving not so good service from […]