Kyochon Chicken @ South Quarter, Jakarta, Indonesia - Overview of Kyochon Chicken @ South Quarter

Kyochon Chicken @ South Quarter – Jakarta, Indonesia

I was relunctant to try the Kyochon Chicken @ South Quarter as I thought to myself that it is going to be another Korean Fried Chicken. Hence nothing great or special. But we turned to Kyochon Chicken due to the limited selection since we tried almost all the available restaurants at South Quarter.   The space […]

Jinjja Chicken - Order Counter

Jinjja Chicken, Korean Fast Food – Bugis, Singapore

Jinjja Chicken is a Korean Fast Food Restaurant serving several dishes and of course the Korean Fried Chicken is definitely found on its menu. Rejoice, Korean Fried Chicken Fan, one more choice. We are also very found of this dish and went to check it out as soon as we could.   Set up is […]

Best Korean Fried Chicken In Town For 2015 – NAHMJ Picks

Who doesn’t love Fried Chicken? I couldn’t resist just by hearing the 2 words. As my family have the same passion for Fried Chicken as I am, especially my brother-in-law, a eating chicken expert, we were on a Korean Fried Chicken (치맥집) craze. Consisting of 5 tasters in the panel, some times 6, these are […]

Oppa Chicken Singapore – South Bridge Road, Chinatown (Shifted)

After dozen of Korean Fried Chicken Restaurant has made its entry into Singapore restaurant scene, we are welcoming one more to Chinatown along South Bridge Road, opposite of Cafe Insa-Dong. They seems unbeatable. Interestingly, Chinatown seems to attract Korean eatery establishment.   Long before it open, my sister spotted it and we were waiting in […]

Vons Chicken - Another view Interior

Vons Chicken Singapore, Korean Fried Chicken – 321 Clementi, Singapore (Closed)

Another Korean Fried Chicken Outlet is opened, Vons Chicken. It is located at 321 Clementi.       It is a fast food style restaurant. Order at the counter, drinks dispensed and you get a buzzer for collection of food.     Vons Chicken has considerably provide gloves for diners.     This is awesome. […]

Twins - Interior

Twins, Korean Fried Chicken – Craig Road, Tanjong Pagar

Twins is a Korean Fried Chicken and Ice Cream Beer restaurant opened by a pair of Korean Twins. I supposed that’s how it gets its name. Located at a corner of the row of shophouse at Craig Road, previously occupied by a Japanese Restaurant.     It has a grey coloured theme for its restaurant. […]