Warung Koffie Batavia At Grand Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia - Overview of the dinning area

Warung Koffie Batavia At Grand Indonesia – Jakarta, Indonesia

We were looking for a restaurant to have dinner after our shopping at Grand Indonesia. Multitude of cafes and restaurants were available, we were undecisive. Each and every one of them looks fabulous. Since we were inkling towards Indonesian fare, we decided on Warung Koffie Batavia.   One of the reason we choose Warung Koffie […]

Maple & Oak Cafe at Jakarta, Indonesia - Another view of the cafe

Maple & Oak Cafe At Menteng – Jakarta, Indonesia

Jakarta has no lack of cafe. Moreover, there are many outstanding ones, serving delish food in a great ambience. One of them which I visited in my August 2016 trip was Maple & Oak.   When I got down from the cab, the first I took note was the verdant of plants decorating the balcony. […]

Tanamerah Coffee Indonesia Thamrin, Jakarta, Indonesia - Another view of Counter

Tanamerah Coffee Indonesia Thamrin – Jakarta, Indonesia

Tanamerah Coffee Indonesia Thamrin was the first cafe set up. After which, there are a few more added on the way as they grow. We decided to pop by this outlet as we were at Thamrin City.   It was established in 2013 with two aims. First to brew freshly roasted specialty coffee and to support the Indonesian Arabica. […]

Liberica Coffee At South Quarter - Overview of Counter and seat

Liberica Coffee At South Quarter – Jakarta, Indonesia

Liberica Coffee At South Quarter is one of the 5 cafe at South Quarter. Others include Mokka, Delico, Tous Les Jours and Starbucks. Liberica Coffee is a chain cafe that started in 2011. It quickly spreads its wing and now can be seen throughout Jakarta including major shopping malls.   The name was taken from a rare […]

Martabak Boss @ Gandaria, Jakarta, Indonesia - Counter Overview

Martabak Boss @ Gandaria – Jakarta, Indonesia

Martabak is one of a popular street food in Indonesia which I think it fits to be listed in Must Eat Jakarta list. As such I googled for the best Martabak in Jakart and found Martabak Boss to be one of them. As such I went looking for the nearest outlet on google map but Martabak […]

Lau’s Kopi At South Quarter – Jakarta, Indonesia

I spotted Lau’s Kopi in various location throughout Jakarta. It seems like Lau’s Kopi is an equivalent of the Singapore Kopitiam version. Moreover, on the menu, I spotted Kopi-O and Kopi SuSu, thinking it might be the traditional coffee. And since I was craving for Kopi, good chance to try them out. I was there […]

Eric Kayser Artisan Boulanger Jakarta At Gandaria City - Side view

Eric Kayser Artisan Boulanger Jakarta At Gandaria City – Jakarta, Indonesia

I was excited to spot Eric Kayser Artisan Boulanger Jakarta At Gandaria City when I arrived on my first day at Jakarta but I soon forgot about it. I like the pastries, bread and cakes baked by Eric Kayser. Though I have yet tried their mains and other food whipped from the kitchen.   Till […]

Mokka Coffee Cabana Cafe At South Quarter, Jakarta, Indonesia - Our Lunch

Mokka Coffee Cabana Cafe At South Quarter – Jakarta, Indonesia

Mokka Coffee Cabana Cafe has quite a few cafes spread throughout Jakarta. The one I visited was at South Quarter. Perhaps the most convenient location might be Lippo Mall.   Admittedly, I was first inveigled by Mokka Coffee Cabana Cafe design. Though the entire space look white, it has designs such as doodling on the wall […]

ST ALi Jakarta - Indoor dinning area

ST ALi Jakarta – Indonesia

ST ALi Jakarta is the first outside Melbourne venture. I am wondering why did ST ALi chose Jakarta and not Singapore or anywhere else in the world. After visiting the cafe, I envy the cafe-hoppers who are staying in Jakarta.   ST ALi is quite an established well beloved brand in Melbourne. My friends in Melbourne […]