Carol Mel Cafe Re-visit, At Irvin Place – Tai Seng, Singapore

I first visited Carol Mel Cafe when they started operation in 2015. My Carol Mel Cafe Re-visit was more than a year later. In fact, this re-visit was unintentional. It was due to some unforseen circumstances, hence we ended there.   The interior remains untouch. Perhaps some accessories were changed. Minimally, no structural or fixture changes and […]

The Commerze - The Commerze

The Commerze @ Irving Eating Guides – Cafes, Bistro, Patisserie Guide

It is interesting to see industrial estate such as Tai Seng is flourishing with cafes, bistro, bakery and patisserie. One of such place in Singapore is at The Commerze @ Irving.       The Commerze @ Irving At the ground floor, the whole stretch is filled with eateries, filled with varieties. This is definitely […]

Supermilk Artisan Ice Cream & Kitchen - On a Wall

Supermilk Artisan Ice Cream & Kitchen – The Commerze, Tai Seng

Supermilk Artisan Ice Cream & Kitchen is an addition to the stretch of existing cafe at the ground floor of The Commerze @ Irving Place; such as The Oven Bistro Cafe, Carol Mel Cafe, 23 Jumpin Cafe  and many more.     Like the rest of the cafe in the building, the design is simple. […]

Oven Cafe Bistro - Interior

Oven Cafe Bistro – The Commerze @ Irving, Tai Seng

Oven Cafe Bistro, a humble cafe with no extravagant in the decoration. The entire place was minimalist. For those you have been to 23Jumpin, Carol Mel Cafe at 1 Irving Place might not even notice this unassuming cafe at The Commerze which is filled with so many different competitors.     When I entered the cafe, I was warmly welcomed […]

Carol Mel Cafe - Overview

Carol Mel Cafe – Irving Place, Tai Seng, Singapore

  Carol Mel Cafe is among the many eateries cum cafe along the stretch at the ground floor of The Commerze at 1 Irving Place. For more eatery at The Commerze, check it out here. It dishes out Ipon inspired home recipes dishes.     Scandinavian theme was used for in the design of the cafe, […]

23 Jumpin - Partial Menu

23 Jumpin Cafe At The Commerze, 1 Irving Place

Looks like Upper Paya Lebar is growing with more cafe, good news to those working around the industrial estate. 23 Jumpin Cafe is one of the few that chose to open its door at the industrial estate. It is located at the ground floor of The Commerze. Within the same row, facing Irving Road, there […]