Hong Kong Cafes That Open Early – 7am Onwards

  As I am an early bird, I like to have breakfast instead of brunch and I find it so difficult to go through webpages through webpages to find a cafe as a number of cafe in Hong Kong do not many open early. So to help the early risers, I decided to consolidate the list. […]

Oolaa Cafe - A view of Oolaa Cafe

Oolaa Cafe At Soho Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

  Oolaa Cafe is located at Soho, Shueng Wan, right beside PMQ. For those who know PMQ, this helps. It has a classic, modern design in the cafe. All the chairs are cushy kind. So it is really comfortable sitting there for long, chatting with friends.     They serve lots of standard breakfast fare and […]

2/3 Dolci - Another view

2/3 Dolci Pasticceria Caffe, Star Street Shop

  The first cafe that I checked it out was 2/3 Dolci Pasticceria Caffe when I was once again in Hong Kong in July, about a month apart from my previous trip. I was excited as I could explore more food in Hong Kong.     I visited the Star Street Shop. There are a […]

End of Work Week At Hong Kong (Jun 2014) - Lan Fong Yuen At TST

Lan Fong Yuen Cafe, A Famous Cafe In Hong Kong

Lan Fong Yuen Cafe (兰芳园) is a very famous traditional cafe in Hong Kong, tourists from all over the world and local too, will flock to Lan Fong Yuen for its fame Milk Tea and Pork Chop Bun.     Since I was in the vicinity as I went to Tai Cheong to get some […]