Simply Thai 天泰 At Chatime Plaza, Pudong - Interior, First Half

Simply Thai 天泰, At Chamtime Plaza, Pudong, Surprisingly Authentic And Delish – Shanghai, China

Whenever I am overseas, I tend to look for something local. This round when I was at Shanghai, I tried a Thai restaurant, Simply Thai 天泰. A cuisine that is close to the heart of many Singaporean. And I was surprised to find that it tasted rather authentic. Simply Thai is found throughout Shanghai. One […]

Pizza Marzano At Chatime, Pudong, Shanghai, China - Interior, another view

Pizza Marzano At Chamtime Plaza, Pudong – Shanghai, China

Interestingly, Pizza Marzano wasn’t own by Italian but a British, Peter Boizot, who was disappointed with the quality of pizza offered in the United Kingdom. That prompted him to go on a mission to explore for a delicious and yet authentic Italian pizza recipe. His first restaurant was started in 1965 in London. After slightly […]

Nice Meeting You 很高兴遇见你 At Chamtime, Pudong – Shanghai, China

The owner of Nice Meeting You 很高兴遇见你 is the best-selling author and professional rally driver Han Han. Though I don’t know who this person is but was told is a celebrity. Anyway, personally, I more keen in the food offered. Nice Meeting You located at Chamtime Plaza was started in winter of 2013 offers fusion cuisines. Name […]