O Bahn Mi Vietnamese Cafe at Tiong Bahru Plaza, Singapore - Facade

O Banh Mi Vietnamese Cafe – Tiong Bahru, Singapore

Little is known about O Banh Mi. All it seems, O Banh Mi is a franchise from Vietnam. I spotted the outlet at Tiong Bahru Plaza after its renovation as they added a section for casual dinning at a corner of level 2. The first I tried was NiceDay Dessert.   As highlighted earlier, the dining vibe […]

Sam Yat Coffee By Tiong Bahru Pau – Tiong Bahru, Singapore

Somehow Tiong Bahru Pau has decided to go into the Kopitiam arena as well with Sam Yat Coffee. I spotted it at Instagram and as we are craving for Kaya Toast, we thought we should check them out.   The kopitiam takes a slight modern vibes. Though no where close to the hipster cafe, certainly refreshing. […]

Niceday Dessert At Tiong Bahru Plaza, Singapore - Overview of outlet

Niceday Dessert At Tiong Bahru Plaza – Singapore (Closed)

Niceday Dessert at Tiong Bahru offers South Taiwan snow ice grass jelly desserts. I don’t know if it originated from Taiwan but what I know is that they offered quite some refreshing and delish dessert. At a corner of level 2 at Tiong Bahru Plaza where the F&B congregate, one will find Niceday Dessert.     Taro Q Ball […]

Tiann's Bakery - Dining Area

Tiann’s Bakery + Takeaway Cafe, Healthy Options – Tiong Bahru, Singapore

It has been quite some time ago since the last cafe opened at Tiong Bahru. We now welcome Tiann’s Bakery + Takeaway Cafe to Blk 71 at Seng Poh Road, facing the Tiong Bahru Market. It is attempting to bring healthy food option that were sugar and gluten free to consumers.     The facade […]

Cafes At Bukit Ho Swee Singapore

  Bukit Ho Swee seems to be the next up and coming trendy spot for cafes owner to establish their venture at. With the first being Tastemaker or maybe Sin Lee (can’t really remember) and followed by a few others. Who will be next? Keep watch at Bukit Ho Swee, an estate with rich history, for what’s […]

Dessert Project - Ice Cream Flavours Available

Dessert Project – Havelock Road, Bukit Ho Swee Estate (Closed)

An Ice Cream Parlour, Dessert Project, has descended at Havelock Road, in Bukit Ho Swee Estate. It is at the same block with The Tastemaker Store. Each occupying one end of Block 22. You will be greeted with an array of ice cream flavours once you pushed open the door of Dessert Project. I estimated to be […]

Cream & Custard - Seatings Area

Cream & Custard Cafe – Havelock Road, Bukit Ho Swee Estate

  Cream & Custard is located behind Tiong Bahru Plaza. It is in the Bukit Ho Swee estate. It is a few minutes walk from Tiong Bahru MRT station. Now one more cafe joining Tastemaker, Sin Lee and Le Halo     White-washed walls with white furnitures. Dried lavenders and some others dried flowers were […]

Chapter 55 - Interior

Chapter 55 At Tiong Bahru, Crowded

Chapter 55, a restaurant serving Italian food is located at a corner of Block 55. For those who know Kisses Bakery, it is on its left. I dropped by twice at the restaurant, once at weekend evening with my brother and another was at weekday lunch time, alone. Both time, the restaurant were packed to […]

Le Halo - Le Halo Cafe

Le Halo Cafe At Bukit Ho Swee, Warm and Friendly Service (Closed)

Le Halo, with a vintage plus a little whimsical theme, is the latest addition to this residential area, Bukit Ho Swee and it is on Sin Lee Foods‘ left.     I like the colours palette used for the furniture. Beside creating the whimsical feel, it also brighten up the ambience, giving me a very joyful […]

Ah Bong's Italian - Pasta

Ah Bong’s Italian At Tiong Bahru – Tiong Bahru, Singapore (Shifted)

Tiong Bahru is getting all the variety it requires. The addition is Ah Bong’s Italian, operated at a corner of a very old cornered coffee shop bringing Italian pasta to the vicinity. Located on the right (at the next block) of Kisses Bakery (for those who know this bakery).  If I remember correctly, it was occupied by […]