Dak Bokkeum Tang @ Seoul Yummy Located At Novena Square 2 – Novena, Singapore

Recently we tried a the Dak Bokkeum Tang @ Seoul Yummy. This popular South Korean dish in is a stir-fry chicken spicy stew. With a Korean curry sauce broth base and fresh chicken meat being used, it is a fresh welcome from the Budae Jjigae (army base stew) that is so often the highlight in […]

Paying homage to the best of American and Singaporean BBQ At Morganfield’s Orchard Central – Orchard, Singapore

As a Rib lover, this was my second visit to Morganfield’s Orchard Central. As a typical American restaurant, you will feel that the lighting in Morganfield’s is slightly dim. Studies have shown that eating in a dimly lit restaurant can cause you to order 40% more calories, but if the food is good, who cares? […]

Kra Pow At Far East Plaza Has Delicious Authentic Thai Food And Yet Affordable – Orchard, Singapore

I didn’t know Kra Pow when it started in a small unit at a corner of Far East Plaza; not until it took over the space where Han formerly occupied. However, I still didn’t make plan to try them till a friend started posting a few photos of their food and was raving about it. […]

Saucy x The Coffee Academics Singapore Whipping Umami Up Brunch Set – Orchard, Singapore

We have shared various Saucy collaboration previously such as with Caffe B, Jimoto-ya and this round Saucy x The Coffee Academics Singapore. In case, you do not know who Saucy is, in short, they are a start-up who work with big brands to create mind-blowing innovative dishes. As for The Coffee Academics, a cafe hailed […]

Da Shi Jia Big Prawn Noodle 大食家大大大虾面 At Killiney Road – Orchard, Singapore

I have passed by Da Shi Jia Big Prawn Noodle 大食家大大大虾面 several times, the last was when I went to Crystal Cafe for dinner before I finally set foot into them. Along this stretch of road, hidden away from Orchard Road, there are a handful of other eateries such as Suanthai among others.   If my […]

Putien Duo Tou Clams Festival 2018 Is Back Again – ION Orchard, Singapore

The annual season for Duo Tou clams at Putien (island-wide) is back again. We visited Putien for these golden-shelled succulent shellfish in 2016 and fall in love with them ever since. The best time to enjoy them is from May till August. These fellows are air-flown live from Duo Tou village in Putian China twice […]

The Hungry Caveman At Orchard Central, Good Review For BBQ In Dianping Shanghai - Another Interior View

The Hungry Caveman At Orchard Central, Good Review For BBQ In Dianping Shanghai – Orchard, Singapore

Recently, there are more and more China big brand venturing onto our shore, Singapore. The last one which we visited was Spice World Hot Pot Clark Quay, after Haidilao. Now, we are greeted by The Hungry Caveman 某个时间烤串 perched at level 7 of Orchard Central. Many Korean BBQ scattered throughout Singapore, and we love our grilled meat. […]

The Dark Gallery @ Takashimaya, A New Cafe And Chocolate Boutique – Orchard, Singapore

Riding on the success of its first store in Millenia Walk last year, The Dark Gallery @ Takashimaya Shopping Centre is finally launced. This is a full-fledged café and chocolate boutique with an expanded menu of homemade chocolate-centric creations that span the classics to inventive and novel.   With separate retail and dine-in sections, the […]

Indulgent Tortilla Wraps at Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel Crossroad Cafe – Orchard, Singapore

Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel offers a number of dinning option such as our favourite Pool Grill; a Chinese Restaurant, Wan Hao, an All-day dinning cum buffet restaurant, Marriott Cafe; in addition to Crossroad Cafe, an al fresco dinning. This round we have an Indulgent Tortilla Wraps at Singapore Marriott.   Dinning campaign are refreshed […]

Crystal Jade Tribute To Parents Promotion 2018 In Conjunction With Mother's And Father's Day - Crystal Jade 'Tribute to Parents' - Steamed chicken with cordyceps flower and black fungus in Chinese wine

Crystal Jade Tribute To Parents Promotion 2018 In Conjunction With Mother’s And Father’s Day – Singapore

Mother’s Day in May and followed closely by Father’s Day in June hence Crystal Jade Tribute To Parents Promotion 2018 is such a wise and effective marketing strategy which allows us to celebrate these 2 meaningful days at our family convenience.   Various brands among the Crystal Jade Group has lined up with numerous promotion […]