The Bakehouse By Carpenter And Cook - Facade Overview

The Bakehouse By Carpenter And Cook – Alexandra, Singapore (Closed)

Most cafe hoppers would be familar with Carpenter And Cook. I am a fan of their pastries and cakes. I am more than happy that they have an outlet, The Bakehouse By Carpenter And Cook, at the Park Hotel Alexandra.   The outlet interior style has always been vintage. The Bakehouse is no exception. From […]

Ice Cream Shack - A view of counter

Ice Cream Shack – Bukit Merah Central, Singapore

Ice Cream Shack has set foot with a Brighton Beach theme, with the colourful bathing boxes in-house at Bukit Merah Central. When my brother and I landed at the door step, looking in from outside, he immediately commented on the wall feature. It is certainly a lovely sight we enjoyed.     From the name, […]

AJ Delights - Muffin

AJ Delights, Offering Muffins At Alexandra Village Food Centre

AJ Delights is a modest looking stall at the Alexandra Village Food Centre, commonly known as AV. It is run by a couple offering freshly baked muffins daily and some cookies and brownies too. Most customers are there for their muffins.     At AJ Delights, they offer 16 flavours daily but all the muffins were […]

The Tastemaker Store – My Order

The Tastemaker Store At Havelock Road Offering Delicious Comfort Food

  My first impression of The Tastemaker Store at Havelock was simple and sleek and very cosy and comfy cafe. In simple terms, feel like home.     Thinking that it might be quiet during lunch on a weekday since it is in a neighbourhood but I was wrong. It was almost full. The menu […]

Kiroi Freshly Baked Cheesecake - whole

Kiroi Freshly Baked Cheesecake At Bukit Merah Central Singapore (Closed)

I have been wanting to try the Kiroi Freshly Baked Cheesecake at Bukit Merah Central for quite sometimes. I didn’t go and get a cake there as queue is very likely to be long. So blessed that my sister took up the unfavourable task of queueing.     The cheesecake has a very light cheesy […]

2 Loaves - Bakery Shop

2 Loaves Bakery At Tanglin Halt – Commonwealth, Singapore (Closed)

2 Loaves Bakery has a very small shop space at Commonwealth Drive. After the display counters and table and chairs occupying both sides, the shop could probably accommodate only two rows of customers. The feel of the bakery is modern cum old school as the mosaic tiles and the tables and chairs were old school […]

Japanese Cheesecakes in Singapore

Japanese Cheesecake is light, fluffy and soft, unlike its counterpart, the American cheesecake which is heavy and rich.  Due to the texture of Japanese Cheesecake, you would be able to eat more. The first Japanese Cheesecake to sell in Singapore is the Miki Ojisan Japanese Cheesecake, to date   BreadTalk     BreadTalk also offer […]

The Bakery Chef - Counter

The Bakery Chef, A gem at Bukit Merah Central

  Bakery Chef has a small shop space at Bukit Merah Central. It is located at the block beside the library. It has a modern country interior decor. There are about five tables, one of which is with cushion seat and is at a cozy corner. I suspect this must be the most popular table in […]