Turbojet Premier Grand Class

TurboJET Premier Grand Class Ferry To Macau

  TurboJET Premier Grand Class Ferry To Macau was my choice of getting to Macau from Hong Kong for my April 2015 trip with Mom. There are 2 main ferry companies, Cotai and TurboJET, offering ferry services between Macau and Hong Kong. Cotai disembarked mainly at Coloane while TurboJET at Macau Peninsula. I prefer getting to Macau Peninsula as […]

Antonio Portuguese Restaurant - Interior View

Antonio Portuguese Restaurant – Taipa Macau

Antonio Portuguese Restaurant is a Michelin recommended restaurant. The Portuguese restaurant is led by Chef Antonio who whipped up a authentic Portuguese food. It is set against a picturesque European-like square     When I stepped foot into the restaurant, I felt I am at some European city.     The restaurant has a warm and […]

Macau Catholic Churches Mass Schedule

As always, I will attend mass when I am overseas. Likewise, when I am in Macau for holiday, I attended mass in Macau too. I scan through the internet and find it difficult to find Macau Catholic Churches Mass Schedule. So I decided to consolidate the list of Macau Catholic Churches Mass Schedule here for sharing. […]

Hotel Sintra Macau - Hotel Sintra Macau

Hotel Sintra Macau (新丽华酒店) Review

Hotel Sintra Macau 新丽华酒店 is located at a very central location at Macau Peninsula. It’s within walking distance to major attractions such as Senado Square. It is also close to lots of good and famous food (Cafe e Nata Margaret). And some major hotels such as Grand Lisboa and MGM. These are the reasons why I chose […]