Solo Cafe 蘇廬 - Front

Solo Cafe 蘇廬 – Tai O, Hong Kong

Solo Cafe 蘇廬 is the only western cafe at Tai O, other than the cafe at the Heritage Hotel I suppose. Other than these, I don’t know of any other.     When you walked pass the cafe, on the front, you won’t even thought it was a western cafe. But a shop with retro or […]

Yan Toh Heen 欣圖軒 - Dim Sum (Steamed Sea Cucumber, Assorted Seafoods and Shrimp Roe Dumpling)

Yan Toh Heen Chinese Restaurant 欣圖軒 – Hotel Intercontinental Hong Kong, Tsim Sha Tsui

Yan Toh Heen Restaurant 欣圖軒 is awarded 2-Michelin star in 2015, went up by 1 star from 2014. I am not one who will go after Michelin star restaurant but since Yan Toh Heen has many positive review, I thought I should visit it in my Oct 2015 trip to find out how exactly fare in […]

Best Hong Kong 2015 Desserts – Soft Serve, Matcha, Plated Desserts

Hong Kong 2015 Trend Desserts is soft serve. As there is a Matcha craze, there were a number of ice cream parlour serving Matcha Soft Serve and all things Matcha. And I also spotted an increasingly number of various tea flavoured ice cream too. I see that the plated dessert trend is on the rise […]

ATUM Desserant - Improvisation

ATUM Desserant Cafe – Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

It has been a recent trend of plated dessert where some prefer terming it deconstructed. ATUM Desserant is one dessert cafe that specialises in this form of dessert art. It is located at Causeway Bay, a stone throw from Exit C, where diners could easily navigate their way to the cafe.     Space is […]

Marbo Seafood Restaurant 瑪寶鮮 - Interior

Marbo Seafood Restaurent 瑪寶鮮 – Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Marbo Seafood Restaurent 瑪寶鮮 perched at 3rd floor of Winfield Commercial Building, a small building at Tsim Sha Tsui. It is common in Hong Kong for restaurants to be located beyond the ground floor of tiny buildings.       As usual, the menu in the restaurant is in only traditional Chinese. As for the […]

Hunghom Cafe - Interior

Hunghom Cafe – Northpoint, Hong Kong

Since this round, we were staying at City Garden Hotel, at Northpoint, I search for a few breakfast option and found Hunghom Cafe 紅磡冰室 to be one of the better one as there isn’t a lot of Hong Kong Styled Cafe around Fortress Hill to start with. Interestingly, the decoration of Hunghom Cafe wasn’t exactly the […]

Chachawan - Facade

Chachawan Thai Restaurant – Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Chachawan is a Thai Restaurant located at Shueng Wan, helmed by Chef Adam Cliff, a protégé of the acclaimed Thai cuisine chef David Thompson was was awarded the “Best New Chef 2013”. It offers unique specific Thai food, Isaan. In short, it is offering dishes from a northeastern region of Thailand. At this region, sticky rice is staple. […]

Tai Yuen Shark's Fin Seafood Restaurant - Facade

Tai Yuen Shark’s Fin Seafood Restaurant – Lamma Island, Hong Kong

As usual, any island or fishing village, stretch of seafood restaurants in sight is common. So is at Lamma Island, Hong Kong. There were 2 areas that has seafood restaurant, Yung Shue Wan and Sok Kwu Wan. This round, we tried out Tai Yuen Shark’s Fin Seafood Restaurant 泰苑魚翅海鮮酒家 at Sok Kwu Wan.     […]

Hong Kong Hotel With Family Rooms

Recently, as I was planning a trip for my family with total of 4 travellers. I was looking for Hong Kong Hotel With Family Rooms at a reasonable price over at several hotel booking website and found a number of hotels that met my budget and of all at convenient locations. All prices stated if only for […]

Tibits and Snacks From Hong Kong Holiday - My Loots

Tidbits and Snacks From Hong Kong Holiday

I always enjoyed buying tidbits and snacks from Hong Kong. It is amazing that in Hong Kong there are a number of tidbits and snacks shop selling a very wide variety. There are many which specializes in Japanese tidbits and snacks. During the Hong Kong trip with Mom, we shop at each and every one […]