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JÙN @ Capri By Fraser – China Square, Singapore

JÙN @ Capri By Fraser, China Square is a new concept by Creative Eateries. It is a casual Chinese Restaurant with 80-seat dinning capacity. Some of the household brands under the umbrella are Bangkok Jam, Typhoon Taiwanese Cafe, Patara Fine Thai, Rocku Yakiniku Charcoal Grill, Vineyard and many more.

The name JÙN is from the Chinese Character 俊 which means handsome, charming

Modern interior design with lots of Chinese elements and local flavour, result is chic, casual and cosy.

From Menu of JÙN @ Capri By Fraser

Bedazzled by the selection of familiar and crowd-favourite items at JÙN; from appetizer to soup and mains to desserts. I assured you that diners are spoiled for choice.


Diners can kick-start the meal with the innovative Chilli Crab Rillette Kueh Pie Tee.

For an item that won’t go wrong, opt for the Homemade Ngoh Hiang Prawn Roll with Plum Sauce or maybe the crispy Shrimp Paste Mid-Wing Chicken with Garlic Chilli Sauce, a crowd-favourite.


Woody herbal smell from the Double Boiled Herbal Chicken Soup with Cordyceps Flower, Radix, Red Dates & Goji Berries was the immediate smell I noticed when the lid was removed. I was wary as I don’t like strong herbal flavour. Taste was on the contrary, instead it was sweetish with woody hint, an easy to drink soup.


Savour the tasty Steamed Broccoli with Pacific Scallop with Egg White Sauce, the fragrance of chinese wine lingered on the palate to create a moment of relish.

Lightly chewy thinly sliced Char-grilled Pork Jowl Char Siew. Enjoyed it with or without the garlic chilli sauce is equally good.

The Crab Bee Hoon Soup is in a thick collagen broth with light crab flavour. The restaurant has thrown in abundant chinese cabbage to sweetened the dish. The dish is finally studded with crispy preserved radish to provide a more savoury hint.


Complete the meal with luscious desserts. The best among the best was the Baked Chempedak Crumble. Creamy saccharine crumble with generous amount of chempedak filled the dessert. It is best to be share.

For the durian fan, don’t forget to order the Warm D24 Durian with Filo Pastry. Piquant D24 durian wrapped in crispy filo pastry was extremely addictive.

If you aren’t adventurous but looking for something classic, turn to the cold fruity and lightly nutty refreshingDouble-boiled Tianjin Pear.

NAHMJ Verdict

Enjoying Chinese cum local food in a comfy environment and yet informal setting, I will highly recommend JÙN @ Capri By Fraser. It will not disappoint.

JÙN @ Capri By Fraser 俊

181 South Bridge Road #02-01, Singapore 058743
Tel: +65 6437 0823


Opening Hours

Daily 0630 to 2230

Getting There


  • Downtown line – Telok Ayer station, Chinatown station
  • North East line – Chinatown station

By Bus:

  • Opp Hong Lim Complex along South Bridge Road   61, 80, 145, 166, 197
  • Opp Hong Lim Complex along Upper Cross Street   51, 63, 124, 174, 174e, 186, 851, 961, 970
  • Hong Lim Park along Pickering Street   186, 970
  • Chinatown Point along New Bridge Road   2, 12, 33, 54, 143, 147, 190, CT8, CT18, CT28
  • People’s Park Centre along Eu Tong Seng Street   54, 124, 145, 147, 166, 190, 851
  • People’s Park Complex along Eu Tong Seng Street – 2, 12, 33, 61, 63, 80, 143, 197, 961, 970

Rating: 7.5/10

*Disclaimer: This was a media invite.