Le Clou, A Winstub At Strasbourg - Facade in the night

Le Clou, A Winstub At Strasbourg – Grand Est, France

Winstub is a classic type of restaurants in Strasbourg. It is made up of 2 words, which means wine and restaurant. Numerous winstub is located throughout the city centre and aroudn Petite France, Two of the most famous ones are Le Clou and Chez Yvonne. Both are diagonally opposite of each other. Personally, I love visiting local traditional restaurant offering classic food. 


Le Clou is hidden from the main walking street. Unless you know about them or maybe at times, random turned into the alley, will you find them.


Le Clou, A Winstub At Strasbourg - Facade


Le Clou, A Winstub At Strasbourg - Interior


Interior has this classic French restaurant look. It isn’t the kind of fine dinning restaurant we used to know in Singapore. But homely, cosy, cram interior.


Le Clou, A Winstub At Strasbourg - Complimentary


At Le Clou, in addition to the complimentary bread, they offer Pretzel snacks. These high in sodium Pretzel is extremely addictive, at least for me. And interestingly, they will remove them once your first course is served.


Le Clou, A Winstub At Strasbourg - Les Escargots à l’Alsacienne, Les Six (13,50 €)


I read some where highlighting the escargots in Strasbourg. Hence, after some contemplation, I opted for Les Escargots à l’Alsacienne, Les Six (13,50 €). If you prefer a larger portion, go for the dozen. Chewy, firm proteins with tasty sauce.


Le Clou, A Winstub At Strasbourg - La Choucroute Garnie (21,50 €)


One of the tradition dish at Strasbourg is Choucroute, hence it is a no brainer to order La Choucroute Garnie (21,50 €). Choucroute consists of a variety of meat (fresh and preserve and sausages) with large amount of sour cabbage and also potato. The serving was huge to feed 3 of me. If you doesn’t enjoy sourish food, you may not like the cabbage. 


Le Clou, A Winstub At Strasbourg - Le Moelleux au Chocolat (7,10 €)


Le Moelleux au Chocolat (7,10 €) is Chocolate Lava Chocolate. If you are expecting flowing molten chocolate lava, you will be disappointing. Taste-wise, it was not extremely chocolaty too. At least, it was overly saccharine. 



NAHMJ Verdict


Though the dessert at Le Clou wasn’t impressive, the Mains were. If you decided to dine at this restaurant, a reservation is a must.




Le Clou

3 Rue du Chaudron, 67000 Strasbourg
Tel: +33 (0)3 88 32 11 67




Opening Hours


Daily  1145 to 1400, 1730 to 0000


Getting There




Rating: 8/10


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