Common Chefs Bistro At Jalan Legundi - Counter

Common Chefs Bistro At Jalan Legundi – Sembawang, Singapore

Common Chefs Bistro took over the space of RoyceMary Cafe which previously serves heart-shaped macarons. It was both ashame, at the same time a consolation as the food at this new bistro is tasty. No doubt a good news for cafe-hoppers in the North of Singapore and in particular those staying I Sembawang. In addition, some of the items are pretty interesting.


Ambience is casual and cosy too though lacking of the home-feel like RoyceMary. 


Common Chefs Bistro At Jalan Legundi - Dinning Area


Menu at Common Chefs Bistro isn’t one that offered the most comprehensive, however, there are a number of interesting creation which one might be tempted to.


Common Chefs Bistro At Jalan Legundi - Truffle Tarter Tots ($8-S / $14-L)


Our first item was the highly recommended Truffle Tatter Tots ($8-S / $14-L). Truffle essence was strong to the smell, but not to the palate. These popular Tatter Tots came with a truffle mayo as a dip. Most enjoy the dip, though I don’t, as I find the dip a little too sweet.


Common Chefs Bistro At Jalan Legundi - Rich Man ($16) only available on weekends


Common Chefs Bistro At Jalan Legundi - Rich Man ($16), pouring cheese


The next item, Rich Man ($16) is only available on weekends. Sandwiched between the brioche bun are some unique ingredients; chorizo patty, caramelised onions, scrambled egg and mushroom and smoked cheddar cheese. Overall, we find it special but a little too salty. The tatter tots is a great replacement for the usually seen fries.


Common Chefs Bistro At Jalan Legundi - Grilled Prawn Tacos ($12)


Lightly spicy Grilled Prawn Tacos ($12) is also highly recommended. You need to eat it as a wrap to fully relish on the flavour. Grilled spicy prawns are sat on a bed of salad. The slight saccharine raisins elevated the overall flavours. 


Common Chefs Bistro At Jalan Legundi - Full Breakfast Wazza ($12)


Here is another unique item offered by Common Chefs Bistro, Full Breakfast Wazza ($12). It is a Waffle and Pizza hybrid. The waffle is one of the best. Buttery pillowy soft interior which isn’t too dense. We thought the waffle might turn soggy due to the topping but it didn’t, which was good.


Common Chefs Bistro At Jalan Legundi - Shepherd Pie ($15)


Common Chefs Bistro At Jalan Legundi - Shepherd Pie ($15), pulling cheese


For those who love Shepherd Pie ($15) but rarely found in cafe, here is one which I do enjoy. The rich flavoured minced meat buried beneath the mashed potato and cheese was at a perfect ratio. Loving Common Chefs Bistro version.


Common Chefs Bistro At Jalan Legundi - Milkshakes ($8)


Besides the usual tea and coffee available at most cafe, Common Chefs Bistro offers 8 flavours for their Milkshakes ($8). We tried Salted Caramel and Thai Milk Tea, and we prefer the latter as it wasn’t too sweet and we could savour Thai Milk Tea flavour.



NAHMJ Verdict


Generally, we at NAHMJ do agree that the quality and standard of food at Common Chefs Bistro is thumb-up, especially when they are at such a wallet-friendly price point. We are confident that cafef-hoppers will be delighted that they have contributed to the population of cafe in North of Singapore.

However, ultimately, it is about one’s preference.




Common Chefs Bistro

8 Jalan Legundi #01-13 Singapore 759274
Tel: +65 6659 1208



Opening Hours


Monday – Friday 1030 to 2230; Saturday – Sunday 0900 to 2300


Getting There



  • North-South line – Sembawang (followed by a 10 -15 min walk or take the free shuttle bus to Sembawang Shopping Centre)


By Bus:

  • Opp or after Sembawang Shopping Centre along Sembawang Road – 167, 856, 858, 859, 980


Rating: 7.5/10



*Disclaimer: This was a media invite.