High Tea Beauty Workshop By Dior At Isetan Scotts

Recently, I attended a High Tea Beauty Workshop By Dior At Isetan Scotts who organised it for their VIP customers. This event promised to introduce DIOR latest products and share beauty tips.



High Tea Beauty Workshop By Dior


DIOR experienced beauty consultants who specialise in Make up, Skin Care and Fragrance conducted three mini workshops at the event. The demo sessions were interactive as customers were free to raise any beauty questions.



Make Up Workshop


We started with the Make up workshop at the High Tea Beauty Workshop By Dior, where DIOR 2016 Holiday edition products were demonstrated on a customer.


First is the DIOR 5 Couleurs Splendor eyeshadow palette which contains 5 colours for used at variety of occasions. We learned to apply the lighter colours on areas away from the eyes, such as below the eyebrows to brighten up the eyes. The darker shades are best closer to the edge of the eyelids to create smokey effect. And do remember to blend the colours into each other.


High Tea Beauty Workshop By Dior At Isetan Scotts - Dior 2016 Christmas eyeshadows


DIOR lip and cheek velvet comes in 4 beautiful shades for use as a lipstick or blusher. Upon brushing it on the cheek, the effect looks light and natural.


High Tea Beauty Workshop By Dior At Isetan Scotts - Dior Velvet


Take away tip: Avoid mascara over loaded at the end of eyelashes, we should hold the mascara brush horizontally. Gently brush in zig-zag motion from the root to the tip.



Skin Care Workshop


DIOR prestige skincare collection consists of wild rose essence specially hand-picked from their organic DIOR garden. DIOR Prestige Lotion is the first step of the recommended skin care regime. The lotion softens and prepares the skin for better absorption of serum and moisturizer.


High Tea Beauty Workshop By Dior At Isetan Scotts - Dior prestige


The regime continues with DIOR Prestige serum, eye cream and Prestige La Creme. Both has natural rose scents to relax the skin. Simply take two pumps of serum, dot it evenly on the face and follow by gently upward massage to improve absorption. Don’t forget the neck area too.


Dior Prestige La Crème is the day and night moisturizer that comes with a special applicator. Use the applicator for upward massaging on the cheek to improve skin elasticity.


Take away tips: When applying cream on neck, it’s best to do it downward instead of upward direction.



Fragrance Workshop


DIOR started with Fragrance products before introducing fashion, jewelry and skin care products. We were given trial sample of DIOR Jadore to try. I was impressed with the sophisticated scents that make up of Ylang-Ylang smell for top note, Rose middle note and Jasmine for base note.


High Tea Beauty Workshop By Dior At Isetan Scotts - Dior Jadore


Take away tips: Each perfume has 3 notes, top, middle and bottom. The top note is available immediately upon application, middle is after a while. Lastly the bottom is release when dry and it is the most lasting one.



NAHMJ Verdict


It was an interesting afternoon strolling around DIOR cosmetic counters and to learn new products and skincare tips at the High Tea Beauty Workshop By Dior At Isetan Scotts.





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