Paddy Hills Christmas Menu - View from the Entrance

Paddy Hills Christmas Menu – Buona Vista, Singapore

Christmas is round the corner hence most cafes and restaurants have introduced their Christmas Special. And here is Paddy Hills Christmas Menu. 


Paddy Hills has been around in the F&B scene for a while, in case you do not know, they are are located at South Bunoa Vista, 3 bus stops away from Haw Par MRT station. My first visit was unpleasant. But I was glad that this round it savage the sour first attempt. I am glad that their service level has improved tremendously after more than a year.


Paddy Hills Christmas Menu - Counter Seats


Paddy Hills Christmas Menu - Sofa Seats


There is a rustic factor contributed by the raw bricks and the classic elegant element of the leafy green tiles counter and black leather cushy sofa. 



Paddy Hills Christmas Menu


Paddy Hills Christmas Menu is with 2 appetisers / sides, 5 Mains and 2 desserts items. These special are available in the month of December 2016. We tried neither appetisers or sides; Autumn Truffle Fries ($26) and Capellini ($26), both sounded equally exciting.


We zoomed into the Mains, both were pasta. First, the Coloured Carbonara ($26). Basically, it is a tasty classic flavour pasta.


Paddy Hills Christmas Menu - Colored Carbonara ($26)


Next is the Orecchiette ($26). We find the pasta a little too hard. It seems the among of flour added was a little much. Though I am not a tomato based fan, I find this dish delectable. 


Paddy Hills Christmas Menu - Orecchiette ($26)


If neither pasta is of your choice, the remaining selections are Seafood Ravioli ($26), Black Truffle Risotto ($28) and Tenderloin, 250g ($38).


Fortunately, we tried both the desserts. First we had the Bread & Butter Pudding ($14). The texture of the bread is smooth but somehow missing of vanilla cream didn’t complete the dish. However the addition of Mint Ice Cream is complimentable, giving a unique flavour to the dish.


Paddy Hills Christmas Menu - Bread & Butter Pudding ($14)


Paddy Hills Christmas Menu - Torched Meringue ($18)


Last was the Torched Meringue ($18). Under the torched meringue hidden a milk chocolate mousse. Personally, I find the texture a little flat. A consolation was the drizzle lemon curd that provided a sourish dimension to the otherwise one dimension of only sweet taste.



NAHMJ Verdict


Paddy Hills Christmas Menu may not be exciting but it is generally delish. Though there are rooms for improvement.




Paddy Hills

38 South Buona Vista Road, Singapore 118164
Tel: +65 6479 0800



Opening Hours


Monday – Friday  1030 to 1700, 1800 to 2130 | Saturday – Sunday  0900 to 1700, 1800 to 2130


Getting There



  • Circle line – Haw Par


By Bus:

  • Buona Vista Garden and After Lor Sarhad   200 


Rating: 7.5/10