Dracula: Blood Is Life At Resort World Sentosa Review - Dracula

Dracula: Blood Is Life At Resort World Sentosa – Review

Dracula: Blood is life is staging at RWS from 28 October 2016 to 13 November 2016. It is classified as 16 (Horror) but I didn’t find anything terrifying except for perhaps the expression of the few vampires and lunatic if I have to point to something horrifying.


London’s West End and Broadway created Dracula: Blood Is Life from the classic tale of U.S. playwright Steven Dietz’s Dracula. In addition, many comments has indicated that it is a relatively faithful adaptation of Bram Stoker’s classic vampire novel. Directed by Joe Harmston who has directed over 20 Agatha Christie theatre productions, while stage design is by Sean Cavanagh


Setting of the Dracula: Blood is life is in the 1800s London and Transylvanian. Transylvania is the homeland of Count Dracula and London is where the Dracula travelled to get his supply of blood to restore energy, youth and vitality. The story portrays how Lucy was victimized by Count Dracula in London to becoming a Vampire and how Van Helsing’s faith trampled evil which eventually eliminated the Dracula. Professor Helsing is the former lecturer of Dr Seward. He was called upon by Dr Seward to treat Lucy’s mysterious illness.


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In the Singapore version, local singer Narelle Kheng from The Sam Willows as Lucy Westenra. While Lucy’s best friend, Mina Murray is played by Elena Valentine. Dracula is played by British actor Keith-Lee Castle. Tom Mccarron as Johnathan Harker. Christien Anholt as Dr Seward.


When it began, I found it so British. I suppose it got to do with the accent and sentence structure of the dialogue.


The play is divided into 2 acts with an intermittent of 20 minutes. Act 1 inter-switches between 3 scenes; Lucy’s bedroom, Lunatic House and re-counting Johnathan’s Travel in Transylvania. I find it confusing and difficult to follow. It is especially true for someone who is seeing it for the first time and knows nothing about the story. On the same token, enacting in this manner is a good way to indicate the various happening of the same period and is refreshing.


Moving into Act 2, where it climaxed, the inter-switch stops and the story unfold smoothly. I began to follow better and appreciate more. 


As a Catholic, I was unpleased about how the play uses the Body of Christ; breaking the bread and leaving it on the floor as a charm against evil. This is too disrespectful. Just to give a context to non-Catholic who are reading. The consecrated host is the body of Christ and when it is exposed it is placed in the Monstrance for veneration. Should it drop on the floor, it will be picked up immediately. It is never lying on the floor.


Apart from this, there was minor flaw in the position of the props which was noticed and adjusted. It is just a matter of practice to get it perfect. 





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NAHMJ Verdict


Dracula: Blood Is Life is animating with great acting and nothing that horrifying.


For those who are keen to watch Dracula: Blood Is Life, I encourage audience to do a little background reading before watching the play. 




Dracula: Blood Is Life




Show Schedule


28 October 2016, Friday, 7.30pm – Gala Premier

29 October 2016, Saturday to 13 November 2016, Sunday with show at 2.30pm and 7.30pm


Ticket Price


$48, $68, $88, $108, $128, $168


Rating: 7/10