Ministry Of Durian, Paya Lebar, Singapore - Overview of interior

Ministry Of Durian – Paya Lebar, Singapore

By now, Durian lovers must have heard of Ah Seng, 717, Combat Durian. These are some of the popular Durian sellers in Singapore. Recently, we have Ministry Of Durian as one of the latest addition to the durian scene.


According to Ministry of Durian FB page, it states that they believe in sourcing the best durian from world’s famous durian harvesting spots to our customers in its natural and fresh form. Hence we need to test them out to find out how true the statement holds.


Ministry Of Durian, Paya Lebar, Singapore - Service Crew selecting durian in progress


Ministry Of Durian, Paya Lebar, Singapore - Available Durian


When we arrived at the outlet, the first characteristics we noticed was there is air-conditioning in the shop. This is certainly a plus point cum their strongest advantage. We are sure Singaporean would want to enjoy their durian at such an enviroment.


There isn’t mush interior design as to describe. Cement lay the floor and simple tables and chair dressed the shop and of course the crate like shelves to store the durian.



Durian Varieties At Ministry of Durian


What’s available for the day is very much dependent on the harvest. On our day of visit, only 3 varieties were available. We didn’t get our hands on Singaporean big fave, Mao Shan Wang hence was disappointing.




Ministry Of Durian, Paya Lebar, Singapore - D13


First, we tried out the D13. Accordingly to some source I read, D13 is pointed at the bottom with slightly orangish flesh. It is originated from Johor, Segamat. The flesh are pretty sweet and comparatively, moderately strong in fragrance. In addition, the flesh is a little watery.


Golden Phoenix 金凤


Ministry Of Durian, Paya Lebar, Singapore - Golden Phoenix 金凤


Ministry Of Durian, Paya Lebar, Singapore - Golden Phoenix 金凤 vs Red Prawn


The first noticeable trait is the size. It is such a tiny durian on average at 10 to 15 cm in diameter. Each durian seed is at 2 to 3 cm long. The fresh is pale in yellow. Furthermore it is lightly sweet and also lightly pungent. This is good to introduce to foreigners who never have a taste of the King of Fruit. Golden Phoenix is hailed from Johor and Pahang.


Red Prawn 红虾


Ministry Of Durian, Paya Lebar, Singapore - Red Prawn 红虾


Our last durian for the day was Red Prawn 红虾. When the seller opened the Red Prawn, I did not see Orangish red flesh typical of Red Prawn. I must say, I was skeptical if it is authentic. Per the seller, it depend on the breed of the tree. Anyway … It has a considerably strong fragrance, perhaps lightly than the Mao Shan Wang. While it is also rather sweet with firmer flesh. Overall, it has a balance profile. Similarly, the Red Prawn is from Johor and Pahang.



We were informed that they have other varieties such as Mao Shan Wang as well but usually available only around late evening.



More Information About Ministry of Durian


Besides walk-in, Ministry Of Durian, delivery is available as well. Durian can check their FB page for daily price and varieties update.



NAHMJ Verdict


Based on the 3 durians we tried at Ministry Of Durian, there were some truly taste good durian. But we were also skeptical about its authenticity in particular the Red Prawn. Nonetheless, all the 3 durians were at quite a high quality.




Ministry Of Durian

398 Upper Paya Lebar Road #01-05 Prestige Point, Singapore 534986
Tel: +65 9137 1245



Opening Hours


Daily  1300 to 2300


Getting There



  • North-east line – Serangoon station


By Bus:

  • alight Opp Kancanrama Budd Tp or opp Bethany Presby Church along Upper Paya Lebar Road   22, 24, 43, 58, 62, 70, 70M, 76, 80


Rating: /10