Waroeng Kita Jakarta South Quarter - Overview of the restaurant

Waroeng Kita Jakarta At South Quarter – Indonesia

Waroeng Kita Jakarta is another restaurant at the basement of South Quarter office towers. The first we tried among the handful of restaurant was the Do An Vietnamese Restaurant. And next was Waroeng Kita Jakarta restaurant. This is found in few other locations too.


The design of the restaurant make me feel that it has the Indonesian Traditional Houses as the theme. The ambience is causal. On each table is a basket of keropok (Rp 19,000). Diners could pick and choose what they like and it would be included in the bill when diners check out.


Waroeng Kita Jakarta South Quarter - Basket of Keropok


Waroeng Kita Jakarta South Quarter - Keropok (Rp 19,000)


Our choice was the thick curls type which I thought it tasted like fish flavoured. This isn’t the pure crispy type but a little chewy with some crisp in it.


Waroeng Kita offers various Indonesian dishes to diners. They include rice, noodle, soup and salad. I like the part that Waroeng Kita provides 4 Chef Recommendation. This will help diners to decide and choose.


Waroeng Kita Jakarta South Quarter - Gado Gado Longtong (Rp 31,500)


Start the meal with appetitizers such as Gado Gado Longtong (Rp 31,500). This dish is also found in Singapore but served in a different manner. It is very much a salad dish with blanch spinach, corn, pear squash, mung bean sprout, tofu, snake beans, steamed rice cake and dressed in spicy peanut sauce as the salad dressing. On the side were some sago crackers and bitter nut crackers.


Waroeng Kita Jakarta South Quarter, Indonesia -Ketoprak (IDR 31.5K)


4 Chef Recommendation were available. First, Ketoprak (IDR 31.5K) a dish great for light meal. Remaining 3 options are Iga Bakar (IDR 69.5K), Laksa Ayam (IDR 45K) and Ayam Bakar Gandaria (IDR 52.5K).


Waroeng Kita Jakarta South Quarter, Indonesia - Tahu Telor (IDR 29.5K)


Besides the Chef Recommendation, Waroeng Kita goes one step further by offering Specialties. First is the Tahu Telor (IDR 29.5K). A dish with fried tofu omelette, topped with sliced cabbage, cucumber, mung bean sprouts. And finishes with a vinegar sweet soya sauce and ground peanut.


Remaining options are Rawon (IDR 64.5K), Ayam Penyet (IDR 34.5K), Iga Penyet (IDR 65K), Tahu Gimbal (IDR 32.5k), Pempek Bangka (IDR 52.5K) and Lontong Cap Gomeh (IDR 59.5K).


Waroeng Kita Jakarta South Quarter - Nasi Liwet (Rp 69,500)


Various rice dishes were available. Nasi Liwet (Rp 69,500) is one of the option. This is a Central Java Rijsttafel. Rijsttafel refers to rice cooked in coconut milk, chicken broth and spice. The rice is served with diced chicken liver, braised egg, braised tempeh (Tempeh is a fermented soy bean product), braised chicken in coconut milk and rice cracker.


Waroeng Kita Jakarta South Quarter, Indonesia - Nasi Bogana (IDR 47.5K)


Alternatively go for, Nasi Bogana (IDR 47.5K). It is a Central Java Rijsttafel style consisting of shredded braised meat, diced chicken liver, braised tempeh and accompanied with crackers and sambal to go along with the steamed rice.


Waroeng Kita Jakarta South Quarter, Indonesia - Sop Buntut Kuah (IDR 95K)


Various soup option is also on the menu. Sop Buntut Kuan (IDR 95K), boiled oxtail soup is one great option. Otherwise go for Sop Buntut Goreng (IDR 95K) which consist of fried oxtail instead.


Waroeng Kita Jakarta South Quarter, Indonesia - Sop Asem-Asem Iga (IDR 79.5K)


Sop Asem-Asem Iga (IDR 79.5K) is a good option as due to the sour and spicy flavour resulting in an appetising soup. Great for both a rainy or hot sweltering day.


Other soup options available are Soto Ayam (IDR 39.5K) and Soto Betawi (IDR 54K).


Waroeng Kita Jakarta South Quarter - Es Kopyor Duren (Rp 44,500)


It is interesting to see that they have the shaved ice as cold drinks. After scrutinising through the menu, I identified a cold drink with durian. I couldn’t resist hence I ordered the Es Kopyor Duren (Rp 44,500). In it are coconut milk, coconut flesh, shaved ice and it is topped with durian compote. Lastly the pandanus syrup was drizzled over the ice. This dessert is lightly sweetened. Though durian was abundant but the aroma was weak. I could savour an artificial colouring which I detest.


Waroeng Kita Jakarta South Quarter, Indonesia - Es Sirsak (IDR 27.5K)


Es Sirsak (IDR 27.5K) comprises of soursop, coconut flesh, sliced palm fruit, condensed milk on shaved ice. Pretty sweet due to condensed milk.


Waroeng Kita Jakarta South Quarter, Indonesia - Es Cendol (IDR 22.5K)


Waroeng Kita Jakarta South Quarter, Indonesia - Mung Bean


Es Cendol (IDR 22.5K) is a very sweet dessert with lots of mung bean and palm sugar syrup. It would be a perfect for most if they aren’t so generous with sugar.


Waroeng Kita Jakarta South Quarter - Sekoteng (Rp 25,000)


For something classic, go for the western Java hot drink, Sekoteng (Rp 25,000). This is a ginger drink with palm sugar. In it, there are croutons, glutinous ball, “tangkwe”, raisins, sliced palm fruit kernel, mung bean and roasted peanut.


Waroeng Kita Jakarta South Quarter - Poffertjes (Rp 22,500)


Waroeng Kita Jakarta South Quarter - Inside look of the Poffertjes


6 desserts were available at Waroeng Kita Jakarta. According to the menu, Poffertjes (Rp 22,500) is a tradition Dutch Madeleine cooked in special poffertjes pan and dusted with icing sugar. Similar to egglets.


Waroeng Kita Jakarta South Quarter, Indonesia - Sagu Rangi (IDR 24.5K)


Sagu Rangi (IDR 24.5K) a chewy with slightly tough and hard texture uses the traditional Betawinese sago. Drizzle with palm sugar syrup before digging in.


In addition to the mentioned, Pisang Goreng (IDR 22.5K), Pisang Keju (IDR 27.5K), Rujak Uleg (IDR 29.5k) and Tape Goreng (IDR 22.5K).



NAHMJ Verdict


Lastly, some thoughts. NAHMJ felt that the food served at Waroeng Kita are very like the humble home-cooked. We like the casual ambience suitable for meal any time of the day.




Waroeng Kita Jakarta

Jl. R.A. Kartini Kav. 8, Cilandak Barat, Cilandak


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By Taxi


Rating: 7.5/10