Grazie - Stall 1 at Serangoon Gardens Food Centre

Grazie, Italian Cuisine – Serangoon Gardens Food Centre, Singapore (Shifted)

Grazie serves delish, authentic Italian food at the less known Serangoon Gardens Food Centre. [They are now at Boon Keng.] Most of us might not even notice this food centre much less to mention spotting this hidden gem. At the Serangoon Gardens vicinity, most might have known about Chomp Chomp. Though it is not as prominent as Chomp Chomp, this other food centre is along Serangoon Gardens Way, nearer to the end of Serangoon Gardens Circus. Since it is less visited by most, as such it is quieter and cleaner.


Grazie occupied stall 1 at Serangoon Gardens Food Centre which is easily spotted on the left as one entered the food centre. This humble looking stall is helmed by a 25 year old chef, Clarence Tan, who learned the trade and skills from the previous owner of Grazie through on the job training. He then took the stall over from him and now he is the new boss of Grazie.


Grazie - Grazie Menu


At Grazie, menu is kept simple with a focus on Pasta in Aglio Olio, Tomato Sauce, Cream Sauce, Tomato Cream Sauce and Cream Pepper Sauce. Cream Pepper Sauce is a highlight at Grazie which was self-created by Chef Clarence Tan. He highly recommends as a must try at Grazie. This sauce is also used on the Grilled Chicken Thigh ($8.80). Other mains include the Grilled Dory Fish with Mushroom Sauce ($8.80), Chicken Parmigiano ($12) and Grilled Ribeye Steak with Mushroom Sauce ($13.80).


All seafood and meat ingredients served on the day were sourced fresh from the market by Chef Tan himself. All the sauces were also made from scratch. He strongly believes in serving quality, fresh food that are non-frozen and with no MSG and preservatives to his diners.


Grazie - Mushroom Soup with garlic bread ($5.50)


We started our meal with the handmade Mushroom Soup with garlic bread ($5.50). It was such a thick bowl of soup filled with lots of chopped mushroom. I could savour the mushroom bites at each mouthful. Soup was creamy and no doubt tasty. When the garlic bread was dipped into the soup, it absorbed all the essence. What a comforting way to enjoy the soup.


Grazie - Seafood Pasta ($8)


When we were served the plate of Seafood Aglio Olio ($8), we were shocked to see the size and the amount of prawns, clams and squid. The amount of seafood for a plate at $8 was insane. We couldn’t believe our eyes. Not only the size was reasonably big but was certainly fresh and not over cooked. Even the squid rings were still tender. Pasta was al dente as well, no doubt.


Grazie - Grilled Chicken Thigh with Cream Pepper Sauce ($8.80)


Grilled Chicken Thigh with Cream Pepper Sauce ($8.80) is a signature item at Grazie. The Cream Pepper Sauce is the pride of Chef cum Owner Clarence Tan. The dish was served with 2 sides; the truffle fries dusted with Parmesan cheese and salad with chick pea. The Truffle Fries was filled with truffle scent not only strong enough for the nose but for the tastebud too. What I like about the dish is that Grazie uses Chicken Thigh and not Chicken Breast. But personally, I find the cream pepper sauce a little too sweet for my liking. Should Grazie allow, I would swap it for the Mushroom sauce.




NAHMJ Verdict


Grazie serves food with a quality and it is value for money too. Though some may lament that there isn’t air-conditioned or free Wifi. If you look beyond these but on the food alone, go for the Seafood Pasta with your preferred sauce is highly recommended at Grazie. Grilled Chicken Thigh with Cream Pepper Sauce is equally good if you don’t mind the sweetish cream pepper sauce. If you like soup, do start your meal with the Mushroom Soup.





49A Serangoon Garden Way, Stall 1, Singapore 555945
Tel: +65 8462 4720



Opening Hours


Daily  1200 to 2100


Getting There


By Bus:

  • alight at Serangoon Garden Circus   73, 136, 315, 317


Rating: 7.5/10




Disclaimer: This was a media invite hosted by Grazie.