Choceur Chocolate - Dark, Milk and White Chocolate

Choceur Chocolate From Australia

I got to try the Choceur Chocolate from Australia as some friends from Melbourne came over to Singapore for holiday. These were my Christmas pressie from Aussie.


This was my first time trying Choceur Chocolate. I have never heard about them, not to mention seen them any where. I was given a total of 6 pieces, sample size. I estimated each sample block to measure 10 cm by 5 cm each.


Choceur Chocolate - White Chocolate Block


Choceur Chocolate - White Chocolate


Choceur Chocolate - White Crisp Chocolate


As usual, chocolate came in white, dark and milk chocolate. First the White were the pure white chocolate and the White Crisp. As usual, white chocolate are sweeter. This is no exception. Definitely not something I would choose, unless I have craving for it. There were slight milky flavour; make do.


Choceur Chocolate - Milk Chocolate Block


Choceur Chocolate - Milk Chocolate


Choceur Chocolate - Hazelnut Chocolate


Next is the Milk Chocolate. There were 2 flavours, the pure Milk Chocolate and Hazelnut Chocolate. It was lacking of chocolate flavour. It was like indulging in sugar.


Choceur Chocolate - Dark Chocolate Block


Choceur Chocolate - Dark Chocolate


Choceur Chocolate - Marzipan Chocolate


Finally, the dark chocolate version, has always been my fave. Finally, at least these tasted like chocolate. Lightly sweetened was what I enjoyed.



NAHMJ Verdict


NAHMJ didn’t think well of Choceur Chocolate. We thought the cacao was a little too diluted in the chocolate. Though the texture of the chocolate was generally smooth and creamy.



Choceur Chocolate


Where to get them?


In Melbourne, Australia. Probably supermarket.