Ribena Sparkling Cans - Ready to Drink Sleek Can

Ribena Sparkling Cans, Ready To Drink Product, Singapore

Ribena introduces the Ribena Sparkling Cans, a ready to drink can drink. Most of us in Singapore are familar with the brand, Ribena. And most of us must have grown up drinking Ribena, in the form of blackcurrant cordials. I grew up with this and am still enjoying it. My Mom practically has a bottle in the fridge through the year. Ribena has evolved till today with a range of ready-to-drink range and with a varieties of flavour beside the classic blackcurrant cordials.


Some facts about Ribena which some of us may not know. Ribena originated from the United Kingdom 75 years ago. Oh it is? I didn’t realize this while I enjoying the drink for so many years.


Ribena Sparkling Cans - Ready to Drink


This year, 2016, Ribena has introduced a new product, the Ribena Sparkling Cans. The Ribena Sparkling Cans is a sleek 325 ml can. Each Ribena Sparkling Cans is retail at $1.45 while the pack of 6s is at $6.20. The Ribena Sparkling Cans are available at islandwide leading supermarkets and convenience stores.


Ribena Sparkling Cans - Ribena Sparkling Drink and Ribena flavoured macaron


The Ribena Sparkling Cans are a lightly bubbly thirst-quenching ready to drink blackcurrant drink. It is certainly refreshing and I like it as it is lightly sweetened. Each can drink contains 24mg#of Vitamin C suitable for all ages. Each Ribena Sparkling Cans is made from only the finest New Zealand-grown blackcurrants and as such it is naturally sweetened by these superfood. These superfood comes with nutraceutical benefits. IT contains antioxidants and anthrocyanins. In simple terms, it has excellent health benefits.


Since Chinese New Year is round the corner, hurry down to the nearest supermarket to get some for this festive season.




Ribena Sparkling Cans

Website: http://www.ribena.com.sg/


What’s Available?


Ribena Sparkling Can 325ml

Retail price: $1.45 per single can; $6.20 per 6-pack


Where To Get?


Available at islandwide leading supermarkets and convenience stores




#Studies have been performed to support all claims & features

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