Sinseh The Grocery - Facade Overview

Sinseh The Grocery, By The Lab – Bugis, Singapore

Sinseh The Grocery is by the people behind The Lab. It is at the same stretch, Jalan Pisang, with the The Lab. In short, it is located a few units away from its sister cafe. I like to think of it as after The Lab is successful with their experiment, the products are then sold at the Sinseh The Grocery. Lol.


When I first heard about the Sinseh The Grocery, I could not percieve what it could be. Are they a cafe selling some sort of food or whatsoever. I thought the best way was to drop by the Sinseh The Grocery and check them out.


Sinseh The Grocery - Ice Cream Selections


Sinseh The Grocery - Ginger Serai Ice Cream


When I arrived at the door step of unit 9 at Jalan Pisang, the first item I noticed was the ice cream counter and the hanging menu. As I glanced further into the store, I saw shelves with bottles and packages. It certainly looked like some sort of atas (high class) grocery store. The design of Sinseh The Grocery has this vintage grocery store look, like the 80s. It does remind me of the provision shop back then.


Sinseh The Grocery - Single Scoop of Ginger Serai with Corn Flakes topping



I took quite some time to decide on what I wanted. But once I tried the Ginger Serai (Lemongrass Ginger) flavour, I simply love the flavour. Both the ginger and lemongrass flavour were subtle, not at not overwhelming. I was surprised at the smooth texture, thought it was slightly airy.


Sinseh The Grocery - Toppings for the ice cream


There were about dozen of toppings for the ice cream to choose from. I chose corn flakes as I thought this is a safe choice. I couldn’t imagine what else go well with the Ginger Serai flavour.


Sinseh The Grocery - Straits Preserves


Sinseh The Grocery - The Hunters


Sinseh The Grocery - GSH Conserves


Beside the ice cream, there were many other local products such as the jams, preserves, conserves from the Straits Preserves, GSH Conserves and The Hunters.


Sinseh The Grocery - 3 Bites Full Handmade gourmet nougats


Food and more food stuff, I was introduced to the delish 3 Bites Full Handmade gourmet nougats. Whenever I see nougats, it reminds me of Australia. Now, we have a nougat product made in Singapore. I was told by Sinseh The Grocery that these are fabulous. I am going to try them soon.


Sinseh The Grocery - Eastern Granola


There were granola from the Eastern Granola.


Sinseh The Grocery - Dark Chocolate Mocha Oolong Tea


At the Sinseh The Grocery, you could find some very unique and creative flavoured tea. One such find is the Dark Chocolate Mocha Oolong Tea.


Sinseh The Grocery - Smell The Tea


It was very thoughtful of Sinseh The Grocery to place a few sample at the ice cream counter for customer to smell them. These are changed frequently .



NAHMJ Verdict


Sinseh The Grocery is a mutli-concept store which support and promote the local produce. And it has mainly food item. They would be introducing more local products and will be doing some pop-up in future and collaboration with The Lab. I thought Sinseh The Grocery is exciting and through them we get to know more of the local companies in Singapore.




Sinseh The Grocery

9, Jalan Pisang #01-01, Singapore 199076
Tel: +65 6291 5743



Opening Hours


Monday – Saturday  1200 to 2030; Close on Sundays


Getting There



  • East West line – Bugis or Lavender station
  • Downtown line – Bugis station


By Bus:

  • alight at bus stop at or opposite Stamford Primary School   2, 7, 12, 32, 33, 51, 61, 80, 130, 133, 145, 175, 197
  • alight at Hotel Sultan or at Textile Centre   107, 107M

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