Blocs Inc Coffee Cafe - A Wall

Blocs Inc Coffee Cafe – Paya Lebar Square, Singapore

Blocs Inc Coffee Cafe was formerly operated under the name Kaldi Berry at China Square. It is now with a new name at a new location, Paya Lebar Square.


The cafe is located at a corner, sort of next to the bus stop and the exit of Paya Lebar MRT station. I thought it is quite a strategic location.


Blocs Inc Coffee Cafe - Facade Overview


The cafe doesn’t have much interior seats as the space was rather small. Instead what they offer was a good amount of Al Fresco Seats with ceiling fans provided.


Blocs Inc Coffee Cafe - Al Fresco Seats


Blocs Inc Coffee Cafe - Interior Overview


At Blocs Inc Coffee, they offers mainly coffee and a Shibuya Toast. Both allows cafe hoppers to customise.


For coffee, first you start with a rod, that’s your number too.


Blocs Inc Coffee Cafe - Start with a rod


Next proceed to the second station to pick your type of coffee such as Cappuccino, Latte, Flat White and so on.


Blocs Inc Coffee Cafe - Pick blocs


Follow by the blend, only 2 types; bloc blend and specialty blend.  Now, decide on the type of milk. Lastly chose between Machine extracted or hand craft. Hand the complete rod to the cashier, made payment for your order.


Blocs Inc Coffee Cafe - Build Your Own Coffee Blocs


Finally, wait for your customised coffee to be served.


Blocs Inc Coffee Cafe - Cappuccino


My machine extracted Cappuccino with full cream milk using Blocs Blend was a medium acidity with full body cuppa. It has a slight fruity flavour note and dark cocoa hint.



NAHMJ Verdict


Blocs Inc Coffee offers pretty good coffee with both the espresso based and hand crafted type. A pity that they doesn’t offer much food selection. Perhaps a little variety of cakes and pastries introduced at the cafe would be a nice option.




Blocs Inc Coffee

60 Paya Lebar Road, Paya Lebar Square #01-71, Singapore 409051
Tel: +65 6385 6449



Opening Hours


Daily  0900 to 2100


Getting There



  • East-West line or Circle line – Paya Lebar


By Bus:

  • alight at Paya Lebar station along Paya Lebar Road    24, 28, 43, 70, 70M, 76, 135, 154, 155
  • alight after Tanjong Katong Complex along Sims Ave    2, 7, 13, 21, 24, 26, 28, 30, 51, 67, 154, 155
  • alight at or opp Tanjong Katong Complex along Paya Lebar Road    40, 197, 853
  • alight at Blk 14 Haig Road Market & Food Centre along Geylang Road    2, 7, 13, 21, 24, 26, 28, 30, 51, 67, 154, 155


Rating: 6.5/10