BlissHIVE Bakery Cafe - Counter and Bar Seats

BlissHIVE Bakery Cafe – Tai Hang, Hong Kong

Tai Hang maybe so near Causeway Bay but it is a world on its own. Even though the area might be small comparatively but it hold many popular, cool and even famous cafe and eatery. BlissHIVE Bakery Cafe is one of them to make entry into the area.


BlissHIVE Bakery Cafe - Bread counter


BlissHive Bakery Cafe may not look tiny but it doesn’t offer much seats, mainly due to the layout of the shop floor. It is mainly monochrome with brown tables and chairs to soften the feel. It’s flooring is on mosaic, adding a little retro touch but yet modern, since the mosaic were in white.


BlissHIVE Bakery Cafe - Smoked Salmon with Scramble Egg


Its menu is small with mainly All Day Breakfast. Some of which available were Smoked Salmon with Scramble Egg, Melting Cheese and Bread. If you need a sumptuous breakfast, you could go for its All Day Breakfast. A pity that that they don’t serve Sunny Side-up, my favourite kind of egg.


BlissHIVE Bakery Cafe - Melting Cheese and Bread


If you prefer something more wholesome, there are some Salad, Pasta and Soup of the Day in Bread Bowl or glass.


BlissHIVE Bakery Cafe - Soup of the Day (Mushroom Soup) in Bread Bowl


Since it is a bakery, it offers many type of bread and bun. You can pick and choose your favourite from a corner. I spotted some lovely, delish looking cakes at the counter too. And BlissHive custom make whole cakes too.


BlissHIVE Bakery Cafe - Coffee (left to right) Hazelnut Latte, Cappuccino and House Coffee


As a cafe, coffee is almost always inevitable. We got a Hazelnut Latte, Cappuccino and House Coffee. Interestingly, BlissHIVE serves food to the table but coffee were for self-collection from the counter.


BlissHIVE Bakery Cafe - At a corner



NAHMJ Verdict


The food served at BlissHive though isn’t the best, it was decent, however we still thought well of BlissHive. Perhaps, it was the other factor such as the ambience that counts too.




BlissHIVE Bakery Cafe

G/F, 1 Lily Street, Tai Hang, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2566 1023



Opening Hours




Getting There


By MTR: Tin Hau station


Rating: 7/10