City Garden Hotel - Lobby

City Garden Hotel Hong Kong – Northpoint, Hong Kong

On my October 2015 trip, I decided to try another hotel, instead of my usual, Cordis Hong Kong at Langham Place which was renamed and rebranded from Langham Place Hotel Mongkok. As I wanted to explore Northpoint this round, I chose City Garden Hotel as it was available and reasonable priced (I thought).




City Garden Hotel is located on Hong Kong Island at Fortress Hill, Northpoint. It is about 5 minutes walk from Fortress Hill MTR station. It was 2 stations away from Causeway Bay, the shopping belt.

The area has quite a number of Hong Kong style cafe and eateries but doesn’t offer as array of variety. But a consolation, there is a Starbucks opposite the MTR station should you need some Western styled food and drinks.

Diagonally across the hotel was a legal betting outlet, hence on weekends, gathers of smoking betters outside and along the street.



Design and Facade

The hotel doesn’t has a modern look at the Facade. It looks very much like the designs in the 80s. In short, not impressive.


City Garden Hotel - Exterior


Even the interior is pretty normal too.



Hotel Lobby

The lobby is grounded. Nothing fanciful but decent. All staff that we were encountered at both the reception and concierge could speak good English. Their fluency were better even than staff of some 5 stars hotel in Hong Kong. That was a plus point for most guests.


City Garden Hotel - Lobby


Lift to the rooms were on the left of the reception.


City Garden Hotel - Lift Lobby


As warm lightings were used, this contributed to the warm and cosy feel of the ambience.



Check-in and Check-out

The staff who does our check-in was slower than most hotel. But equally friendly. At check-out it was much more efficient.

As we arrived at hotel before the check-in time, 3pm, room was not ready. But we proceeded with the admin work. Instead of asking us to go come back after 3pm, we were told to go back to get the card keys after 4pm.

In short, the hotel didn’t offer us early check-in, in fact it was a check-in later than the hotel stipulated check-in time.




We got hold of a Deluxe room with an extra bed at level 10 (Room 1002). Its room size was 30 sq m², relatively decent. The addition bed though wasn’t the standard bed that hotel offered, was comfortable. That extra bed was with a hard mattress.


City Garden Hotel - Room


The room was equipped with complimentary Wifi, LCD TV, In-room safe and complimentary tea and coffee. We felt that the room was quiet, we didn’t hear noise, not even those coming from the corridor.


The toilet was pretty tiny. There was only a bathtub; no separate showering area. So it isn’t convenient for senior folks or folks whose legs were weak to get into the bathtub for a bath.


Housekeeping standard were relatively high. As I didn’t spot any left-over hair in the bathroom after they have tidied the place.



Restaurant and Facilities

At City Garden, there are 3 restaurants; Yue, Garden Cafe and Satay Inn with Yue being a 1-star Michelin restaurant.

Both pool and gym are available at the hotel for guests to enjoy too.




We noticed that the hotel was a popular choice among Chinese from the Mainland. Each morning, we spotted a huge group of them at the lobby. As such, the lobby and even in the lift could be rather rowdy. I once got into the lift with 3 drunken Mainland Chinese speaking loudly. It was disturbing.




For the period of 21 – 25 Oct 2015, the average price per night was HKD 1140 (approx. SGD 211). Our reservation was via about a month before our trip, which NAHMJ found it to be the cheapest.




NAHMJ thought for the price versus its quality and venue, it was rather reasonable. Though at the lobby, the abmience wasn’t as per our expectation but room was clean and quiet. The bathroom isn’t suitable for old folks since there isn’t a separate showering room, except for the bathtub.

For the price we are paying, NAHMJ suppose, we couldn’t be expecting more and hence it was reasonable.

One additional point to note was, when exiting from the MTR station to street level, there was a section with only steps. There isn’t lift or escalator to access directly to street level.




City Garden Hotel Hong Kong

9 City Garden Rd, Northpoint, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2887 2888



Getting There


By MTR: Fortress Hill (Exit A)


Rating: 6.5/10