The Butchers Club Singapore - An interior view

The Butchers Club Singapore – Clarke Quay, Singapore (Closed)

When I heard about The Butchers Club Singapore will be descending soon, I was pretty excited. As I want to find out if it tasted the same as The Butchers Club Hong Kong. I tried their Classic Burgers at their Wan Chai branch. The Singapore, first one, was located at Clarke Quay. A very touristy and highly dense in bar and pub area.


The design, colour systems and some of the pictures were identical to the Wan Chai outlet. Lots of familiarity.


The Butchers Club Singapore - A view of the Burger Restaurant


The Butchers Club Singapore - The Counter


The menu likewise was similar with the Classic Burgers and Duck Fat Fries on its standard menu, plus a secret menu. The consolation at The Butchers Club Singapore was that they printed the secret menu, and was found on all tables, instead of getting it through the QR code. No longer so ‘secret’ after all.

On the secret menu were Double Happiness, Captain Ahab, Wu Tang Style and What Food Eats (Vegetarian) are available any time as long as the restaurant operates. If you are interested on its Red-Eyed Reduction Burger, which I am going to try the next round. This is only available on weekends and public holiday from 12 pm to 4 pm. Missing in the Singapore menu (available in Hong Kong but not in Singapore) were The Hogtown and Dingley Bell Bacon Rolls.

I was a little disappointed not to find desserts.


The Butchers Club Singapore - My Takeaway Bag


I did a takeaway as I know I am not going to finish it since I ordered the Double Happiness ($38). A burger with double patty, double cheese, and all the fixins (bacon, tomato slices and pickle) between two grilled sammy. Though I vaguely remember, I thought it tasted as good as the Hong Kong ones. For takeaway, it would be better if they doesn’t add the tomato slices and the pickles onto the burger but put it at the side. The result of having it on the burger was the bread soaked the liquid up and it was soggy.


The Butchers Club Singapore - Double Happiness In Secret Menu


The Duck Fat Fries ($8) is a must at The Butchers Club. Somehow, the ones served at the Singapore outlet tasted a little strange or rather different.


The Butchers Club Singapore - Duck Fat Fries



NAHMJ Verdict


Even though the burgers at The Butchers Club Singapore were huge, it certainly created huge damages to one pocket.




The Butchers Club Singapore

3A River Valley Road #01-01B, Singapore 179020
Tel: +65 6837 0675




Opening Hours


Sunday – Tuesday  1200 to 0000; Wednesday – Thursday  1200 to 0200; Friday – Saturday 1200 to 0400


Getting There


By Bus:

  • alight at or opp Liang Court along River Valley Road 32, 54, 195
  • alight at or opp Shell House along Clemenceau Ave   64, 123, 143
  • alight at UE Square or opp Mohd Sultan Rad along River Valley Road   139



  • North-east line – Clarke Quay station


Rating: 7/10